Competition Organisation List

When planning to compete for the first time, a number of items need to be remembered and considered for your day bag and preparing for the big day.
I have mentioned in previous posts the importance to me of lists, and this is a situation where I feel they are vital, mainly for my sanity and a good nights sleep.
So I have helps by putting together a list of items and to-do’s that you need to consider leading up to competition day.

You are about 6 weeks out, that means thinking ahead to making sure you have all the elements done, or organised.

1. Do you have your bikini
2. Is your posing at the refining stages now – if you haven’t started practicing I suggest you get onto that quick smart
3. Do you have your stage heels
4. Start considering how you want you hair and makeup, have a trial if you think it needs it.
5. Consider the accessories to go with your bikini. Bracelet, earrings, rings, hair piece or belly ring.
6. Purchase your top coat tan if using, bronzer and glitter
7. organise your spray tan
8. book in your hair and make-up stylist
9. book in your nails, pedicure, waxing, hair dying and other maintenance jobs. – don’t leave them last-minute, if it is a local show you might struggle to book in
10. purchase white runners – fitness wear
11. purchase for the day if required; silk dressing gown, safety pins, hair slides, hollywood/invisible tape, things, fake lashes, additional makeup, bikini and/or padded bra for the bikini and for the fitness wear just incase, connector clip for your bra to make it racer back if required to use.
12. ensure your friends and family are buying tickets
13. enter asap

Notes – Thongs help to prevent you spreading your tan everywhere. Silk dressing gowns don’t stick to your skin when you are wearing the top coat tan so hey prevent ruining it. hollywood tape can help stick you bikini in place if required. The quicker you enter, the better initial stage position you should have up on the stage, preferably round the centre. So don’t hold off!

So, once you have considered the items that need to be organised and have you plan in place, the big day rolls around. Now it’s time to consider your day bag! This is everything you do need, and everything you need as a just in case. I might over pack sometimes, but I am prepared for everything.
Have this list ready and cross things off as you pack, pack the day before to prevent on the day stress as you try to locate everything

1. heels and bikini
2. tan for touch ups
3. hollywood tape
4, make up for touch ups, lip gloss etc
5. runners
6. fitness wear if already provided
7. silk gown
8. thongs
9. change of clothes for after
10. pump up ropes/weights
11. nail/eyelash glue
12. comb/hair spray
13. any meals if required
14. water
25. Treats for after !!
26. Entry money

Notes: Fitness wear will often be provided on the day, but check with the organiser. You bikini, silk gown and thongs will often be worn to the venue as well. Generally your top coat tan will be applied before getting to the venue, by the organisers discretion.
Pack dark clothing for after, you will still be tanned. You don’t want to ruin your nice clothes with tan smears!
Some organisers prefer you pay on the day in an envelope with all relevant details included. Be organised with this and correct cash. Some locations may not have an ATM

I hope this collection of preparation items helps to ensure you have everything you need! be sure to leave comment of questions or additional things you feel are important from experience.

Good luck in all upcoming competitions!


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