Fail to plan, Plan to fail

Terrible heading I know, but not one we aren’t all familiar with. And how much truth those words hold.

This topic came up by suggestion of a friend.
What a perfect topic was my first thought. How often to we plan a trip away, for business or pleasure, and let all the hard work we have put in fall away? We are all guilty of it. Whether it be a deliberate act of letting your hair down or simply the failed preparation to be able to maintain your goals. There is no reason as to why you can’t maintain some of the routine, discipline and things that make your day whilst you travel away from the comfort of your own home.

As mentioned in my previous post, I am off to Melbourne for a work trip. Only overnight, and generally a little relaxation and break from routine would be welcomed. But whilst competition prepping, or if this was a long trip some form of routine needs to be maintained.

Why maintain my routine?
Why put all the work in in the first place if you are just going to let it all come undone by two weeks worth of drunken fatty food partying? It won’t make you feel good that’s for sure, and I guarantee you wont feel the same on your way home as you did on the way to your trip. It’s not about restricting yourself from what you want to d. But making more thoughtful choices in what you do as well. If your routine means a lot to you, maintaining it whilst away wont be a chore, it will be an enjoyment. At the same time, other times when I have travelled, sometimes it pays to relax a bit, you don’t need to plan our trip around your routine, eating or trainings, make your routine fit around your holiday.

What should you do to maintain?

It’s all about planning ahead. It means getting familiar with your surrounding, the location and whether the items you need are located nearby. Make yourself familiar with your surroundings, and if you need something specific take it with you or plan ahead. Routine is lost by leaving yourself unprepared with no plan. Sometimes it is important to have a break, but it is all dependant on your goals.

Maintaining healthy eating
As I am going away during competition prep, training and the appropriate meals are a must for me. So to meet these needs, I have pre cooked my food to avoid making poor choices, getting caught up and being unable to eat the food as required or what is required. A lot of organisation needs to be put into ensuring you maintain dietary needs.
Getting familiar with the location of eateries to suit your needs, pre packaged meals, supplements if required, vitamins and minerals. If all of these are part of your normal routine, why would you ruin your standard routine by giving them up?
Things like your vitamins and minerals help prevent you from getting sick and maintain your good health, cravings and other benefits. Sickness can be heightened when you travel so if there is some that can help prevent it, keep it up!

Use the hotel kitchen

Generally most hotel rooms are self-contained, giving you a fridge and all the kitchen equipment you need for cooking up a storm! Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean you need to be forced into poor food choices of takeaway. Pack your lunch and snacks, cook dinner in sometimes and think ahead for your day and what you will need and when. I often take an extra meal out with me most days, just incase I get held up and don’t make it home, that way I don’t miss my meals.

Maintaining fitness routine
As I mentioned knowing your surroundings, if you require a gym, know the location of them as well. If your hotel has a gym check it out online or when you check in. Have a back up plan and google gyms nearby, know how to get there and consider how it will work into your daily routine. for example knowing how far you will need to work, that way if you are working out around other commitments you wont shorten your time and still get the maximum out of it. To save time, a lot of gyms also provide a free trial or week which you can sign on for on their website. check if this is available first and have it organised before going. otherwise be prepared to pay for a casual visit of varying cost

try something new
When you are travelling, perhaps an adequate gym or classes aren’t available. So why not try something new? That can mean a local fitness class, yoga group, walking or running team. If there is a pool at your gym perhaps it’s time to take up swimming for a refreshing change?
Are you located near to stairs, a beach or park? why not try intervals up stairs, circuit work of crunches, push ups and burpees in the park, or soft sand beach runs for a wicked calf workout? All of these are new workout ideas that can be performed in your new location.
Before you go away try writing up some workout ideas, that way you are organised and don’t need to think about it when you get there

You don’t need to apply all the ideas I have mentioned to your trip. After all, a holiday is about relaxation. But don’t let yourself down. You will regret it, and your routine makes you you, that’s why you do it all the time, isn’t it?
Don’t stop what makes you feel good!


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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