It is approx. 5:30am, and I am sitting int he airport lounge waiting to take off.
That’s right, waiting. Because due to the weather and high forecast winds we are unable to take off, hence a delay.
This didn’t mean however that I could have slept in. We still had to get up early to be here for 5am to check in, meaning my morning started at 4am.. This will be a long day.

More often than not these delays frustrate us, not just in terms of a delayed plan. A delay can come across in all your plans. A personal matter, job change, health or the wellbeing of a loved one or yourself can all hinder the plan you had from taking place.

Sometimes the delay can play a big part in the way everything turns out, for better or worse, perhaps it was meant to be.

Since competing in fitness model competitions I have seen a number of events that influence the ability of other competitors to make the stage. From their own self sabotage, injury, the cost of inability to commit to the requirements due to number of personal concerns, to even just not being mentally ready to make the leap.

When a set back is caused from injury often the outcome can be your own self loathing at the new situation, but use it to grow. That injury may be telling you to slow down, that you are weak in a given area, and therefore you need to grow before progressing.

Sometimes a delay can force us to take in our situation and access it. We are often moving so fast that we don’t realise what passes us by, and this can be a great time to reflect.

A delay can help to make us grateful for how far we have come, because generally a delay occurs when we are partway through out journey, and we forget that we have already moved some distance.

A delay can also help us to think of ways around the situation, to consider a new plan, which has the delay not have occurred, may not have been thought of. It may even be better than your previous.

As I still sit in this airport lounge, I notice the effect the delay has had on other passengers. The previous silence that echoed the lounge has increased into a warm murmur that you might find in a friendly cafe. The passengers were provided with a reason to communicate with one another, some to confirm what the voice over had said, which led to new conversation and talk among passengers that previously would not have spoken. This delay has potentially created some new friends.
It has given me a reason to write this post and reflect on my thoughts around how a delay can influence us.

So from now on, rather than become fuming that your plane no longer leaves on time, because lets face it no one wants to be late, consider what can be made of this new time, a new friendship formed. When something prevents you from stepping on stage or progressing forward, consider ways around it, perhaps what was lacked initially and build yourself up. Learning to work around these events will only better your skills and ability to adapt.


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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