Clean Chocolate Peppermint cream cake – Dairy free

I have finally made a peppermint cake just as I wanted too! This can easy be made into a slice if you like, I just found the cake shape easy when I had the mini cake tins! If making into a slice you might want to double the recipe though to fit well into a pan.

I had my lucky taste tester onto this one tonight for dessert, and the verdict? You wouldn’t know it was healthy! That is just what I want to hear.
The recipe is similar to my white chocolate and raspberry dairy free cheesecake.

So, make sure you get onto this, it does require an overnight component and setting time, so start the night before.

Chocolate Peppermint

Chocolate Peppermint

Chocolate Peppermint cake – recipe.
The Base
2 dates
1/2tbsp coconut milk
1/4tsp vanilla bean paste
1/2tbsp cocoa
1/8c desiccated coconut
1/2tbsp hazelnut spread homemade or store bought. Or another nut spread

The Filling
130g cashews soaked overnight
1/2tsp vanilla bean paste
3tbsp coconut oil melted
1tsp honey
3drops of green food colouring
1tsp peppermint essence
2 squares of dark chocolate chopped

The Topping
6 squares of extra dark chocolate, organic – I used panachocolate mint chocolate
2tsp coconut oil

Get your cashews soaking over night.
line your tin with baking paper
make your base by placing everything into the food processor and blending until well combined. Press into the base of your tin.
For the filling, add everything into your food processor (drain your cashews) and blend until a smooth consistency. This may take 5 or so minutes and you will need to scrape the sides down a few times. Pour your filling over the base and smooth the top, place into the fridge to make your topping.
Melt the chocolate and coconut oil together and pour over the filing.
Store i the fridge for a few hrs before serving.

Note: to make it easier to cut through the chocolate topping as the filling is soft and you don’t want to smoosh it. Run a knife through the chocolate when it is partially set. This will make it easier to cut through later.


Chocolate Peppermint

Chocolate Peppermint


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