Chest Workout

Often the sorest part of my chest is the areas where the prectoralis major joins to the deltoid, Often this pain comes from flys and the extension back during that motion. For this workout, my sorests area came from the centre of my prectoralis major, up near my collar bone. I am putting this location of pain down to efective squeezing of my chest during presses!

Incline bench press superset with incline flys – 5 sets of 10 reps

flat bench press superset with incline dropset dumbbell benchpress – for the flat bench, 1rep=3 pulses and 1 full.

Complete 5 reps, then 4, 3, 2. for the dumbbell comeplete 4 sets of 10 rep drop sets.

Flat bench press – 1 set – triple dropset

Giant set – isolated press machine, across the body press with incline isolated press with push ups. 4 sets. 10 reps for everything

cable flys – 2 drop sets 9about 10 reps each drop)


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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