Raw Double Chocolate Brownies

I don’t think I need to explain these much more than the heading described.
Except to reiterate the clean component of them. Guilt free, chocolatey brownies, read on for the recipe!

Raw Chocolate Brownie

Raw Chocolate Brownie

Raw Double Chocolate Brownie

17g walnuts (1/8c)
17g pecans (1/8c)
6 dates (80g)
30g cashew butter (1tbsp)
15g cocoa (1tbsp)
pinch salt
20ml no added sugar maple (1tbsp)
1/4tsp vanilla bean paste

10g cocoa (1tbsp)
30g honey and peanut butter spread (1tbsp)
20ml melted coconut oil (1tbsp)

Combine all your base ingredients into a food processor and process till well combined. Press into a small tin, I used a mini cake tin, lined, and place in the fridge while you make the topping.
Combine the topping in a bowl, I find it easiest to heat a bit if the honey/peanut spread is a bit solid. The honey/peanut spread I used is a raw organic spread 50% honey and 50% peanut butter (crunchy) so you can make this yourself. 1/2tbs honey and 1/2tbsp peanut butter. Once combine pour over your filling and place into the fridge, or freezer for a quick set. Slice with a sharp knife.
Store in the fridge.
Makes about 8 bites πŸ™‚

Raw Chocolate Brownie

Raw Chocolate Brownie

Serving suggestions?
Just on its own or with ice-cream


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