Watch your words

Sometimes, in a situation it can be good to keep your opinions to yourself. For the sake of politeness, others feelings and perhaps the off chance that your opinion doesn’t even matter.

We are all guilty of placing our opinion, thoughts or ideas into a situation where it is not wanted. I know I have done that. Sometimes I manage to bite my tongue and realise it is not called for. Sometimes I just go ahead and say it, only to realise after that perhaps it wasn’t the best life choice I have made. But we all have those moments.

Sometimes it isn’t that your opinion isn’t valued, it can be that the other person has so much going on that your opinion isn’t wanted. They don’t need to be told the obvious and it can feel like a dig when you make your statement.

It can pay to be open minded. Everyone reacts and processes things differently resulting in a different outcome.
A situation that may have unfolded, there could seem an obvious result or reaction to it. That reaction may not have been the smartest choice, may not have been what you would choose, or may be completely different had they had a run through first. But it may not be the time to tell them this, hence the need to bite your tongue.

If you don’t read a situation well, then this can be when the mistake of poor word choices come out.

Take the time to access the situation, wait until someone asks your opinion, choose your words carefully and be mindful of others.
I know I to need to consider the above at times. We can’t always help it.


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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