Leg Workout

Todays leg workout was great. A few hamstring exercises, the workout targeted my glutes big time. Grow booty!

I helped a friend in his workout today too. We shared some equipment and I explained a killer combination that we went on to complete. He originally planned to do 4 sets, but only completed 3 due tot he difficultly. That’s okay though, he has something to work towards. And this is often the case when you try something completely out of your standard familiarity. Don’t expect to smash it the first time.
So the workout combination that I suggested for him was reverse lunges superset with high weighted step ups. To break that down use a barbell over your shoulders for your reverse lunges, I use 10kgs each side on a 20kg bar. Do these lunges interchangeably between legs so 10 each leg but 20 in total. For the step ups, I hold on to about 7-8kg dumbbells. Do only your right leg first then do only your left leg. 10 reps on each leg, step up, don’t plant your foot so you don’t take the pressure off your leg and squeeze your glutes. When you lower I just find it easier to leave my top leg in place, but you can bring it to the ground if you want.
So when you train legs next, at least try adding something like this in your standard session!

Now, my session;

Heels elevated squats superset with dead lifts – do 5 sets. for the squats stay with 10 reps each. for the dead lifts complete your sets as 15, 12, 10, 8, 8 reps. note: make sure you squeeze at the top of your squat and dead lift!

1 1/2 lunges superset with thrusters. – Do 5 sets. For the lunges 1 1/2 lunges means a full lunge, rise half way up and hold/squeeze and lower again before coming back up. Do the lunges the length of your gym, about 20 lunges. For the thrusters do 15, 12, 10, 8, 8. note: Squeeze on your pause during the lunge and at the top of your thruster.

Laying Leg curls – complete 15, 12, 10 then 2 triple drop sets.

Donkey kicks/kick backs – ‘nos‘ set note: squeeze at the top of your kickback.

Complete with 6 weighted sled runs – this is a weighted sled that is pushed at an attempted sprint for 20 minutes then back again. If you don’t have one of these, 6 lots of 20-30second incline sprints will work as well. this is about adding a touch of cardio and elevating your heart rate – if it isnt already πŸ˜‰

You can check out my sled run, and some of my workout videos on my Instagram account!

Want to know the type of weights I do for the above?

For the squats I start at 10kgs each side on a 20kg barbell and increase by 2.5kg plates each side each time, ending at about 20kg each side.
For the DeadLifts I do the same as the squats – go heavier if you have straps but I don’t have these yet.
For the lunges I held on to 12kg dumbbells.
For the trusters we used a 40kg barbell
For the laying curls we started at about 25kgs and increased each time to 39kgs. (pin machine)
For the donkey kicks we did the same as the laying leg curls


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