Go Go Go

These days, it seems our lives are just one thing after another, hardly giving ourselves a chance to breathe, take in the scenery and relax.
Taking time to yourself is so important. To make sense of your thoughts, do something that you enjoy as a release from your busy week, you need to take time to yourself.

Sometimes, like this week, my week becomes more hectic than planned. I felt I had a well planned week that would mean I could get what I needed done, as well as take some me time. But as we sometimes know, that is not always the case. My week turned into a week where I did not get the jobs completed that I planned. It also meant that I ended up getting things done that I never initially planned on. Leaving my week only feeling somewhat accomplished.

It can be times like these that I need to remind myself to cut myself some slack. That I am not super women and cannot do everything, nor should I pretend to be able too.
Some people have an amazing ability to juggle a million things at once and that is something I am working on.
People certainly believe I manage a lot in the time I have.
My normal day consists something like an early morning start, cooking my breakfast as I always have a cooked meal. showering to get ready for the day. Often a load of washing or some other form of house work and perhaps a quick cook of a clean treat. Off to work for a normal work day and after work will be a training session, cooking my dinner and any other meals I need too. I will then often load any recipes up for you guys to read, write a blog, shower, and perhaps jump into bed for a read of my favourite book.
Out of all of the tasks through out my day, me time ends up being when I read my book in bed to unwind, when I write a blog which allows me to reflect on my thoughts on said topic, as well as if I head to the gym on my own.
For me, the gym is serious me time. I can take frustration out through my workout and zone out if I want to by plugging the iPod in. But sometimes it can be a nice social time as well, and I have a few friends there that I love to catch up with.

What do you do for your me time? Perhaps you walk the dog, clean, take a swim or go for a run, blast some tunes or go for a drive. Whatever you do it is important to take the time.

I have learnt how my body reacts to over doing it, not taking a break and listening. I can become tense and sore, headaches and agitated. Sometimes these come along and I don’t realise what is the cause of these. Then by the time I stop and think I realise the issue and I can address them.

Some people, and sometimes I have to include myself in this. Just enjoy being busy. Slowing down isn’t an option. They can have plans cancelled and still they need to fill this time instead of taking the time to relax. You have to wonder if these people burn out. I know I do.

So I think I have learnt the importance of slowing down from my busy life, that I choose to make busy with the things that I do from work, my cooking, training, blogging and everything in between. We become accustom to filling our time, but that doesn’t mean it is managed well.


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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