My Loves

We all have different things that make us happy. That’s why we are all different, have different interested, enjoyments, past times and personalities. Have you ever really thought about why you enjoy what you do? What makes them worth your time and what would happen If you can’t do it?
Do you share your loves with a significant other? Many of us do, sharing our passions is what can draw us to one another and allow us to spend time together. Or perhaps it is something you prefer to do on your own, and enjoy your own company.
It is important to find time from our busy schedules and out list full of ‘must dos’ and ensure we all get some of this time.
It can make us happy, relieve stress and allow you to start over fresh.

My top ten loves would have to be (in no particular order);
1. Exercise
2. My Health
3. Reading
4. Cooking
5. Competing
6. Blogging
7. Family Time
8. lists
9. Pampering
10. My partner

Now, what makes me love these things? What do they do for me?
Exercise – I guess linked with my health, it provides an outlet where I can get my anger or any other emotion out through physical work. A long day at the office is removed from my mind once I start training and I enjoy the pain I put myself through. I love feeling my body work and understanding its ability and pushing it to its limits to better myself. I have a goal in mind and I feel I am focused to it. I enjoy training alone, with a friend, partner or my dad. They all provide different encouragement and intensity. Whether it’s an early morning to start my day to an evening to unwind, I love it and I have made it part of my routine. It is something I have come to rely on and do daily. I do not want to give it up. It is a habit, and a good habit. Yes, sometimes it can be harder than others but I am always glad when I do it.

My Health – As mentioned above I love my exercise, now why would I put so much time and effort into being fit and working hard, to not look after my health? I try not to stress too much, although sometimes its a given. I stay well hydrated and I take my vitamins and minerals and consume a balanced diet and full my body with plenty of good quality food. I don’t smoke, and I rarely drink. But that is just me, and what I like to do and how I feel good. I listen to my body and sometimes it can be tired, achy or unwell and I know it’s time to rest. I give in to the naughty food at times, and I feel its effects on my body and remind myself why I eat the way I do 90% of the time. A treat is healthy as well, but like everything in moderation. To me, I could not do what I do without being mindful of my health and working to keep myself in tip-top shape.

Reading – Isn’t it nice sometimes, to just dive into a world that isn’t your own? That is what reading to me is all about. A world where I do not have to compare myself and know it is nothing like what I can achieve and take enjoyment out of the characters I read about and the adventures they have. At the same time I can learn from these and understand a point of view in some cases. There are times when I love a good thriller, crime and conspiracy while other times I love a light-hearted fluffy girly book that I can just read on and on and not notice the pages go by. Depending on what has been going on dictates the book I feel like reading. I will always have one on the go.

Cooking – I sometimes come home and my partner will be doing things around the house, with music blaring, background music he says, he doesn’t like the silence. For me this is part of what I love about cooking. Sometimes I will play some music if I feel like it, but generally nothing mainstream, something I can sing too. Cooking to me doesn’t have to many boundaries, I can play around with it by using the ingredients I have and experiment. I love feeling like I have achieved something when people love my food and know I created something, they may not have been able to. I enjoy it, and most nights I will be cooking something and often if I am sitting around with nothing to do I will make something for the fun of it. because to me, it is fun.

Competing – Now how could I compete in fitness model competitions, if I didn’t love them? I am getting up on stage in very little to strut my stuff and show off my hard work. But I love it, and it is so much fun and the final steps in all the hard work I have done. I love the process and understanding my body throughout it. I love seeing the change and becoming more ripped as I lean off nearing the competition. I enjoy helping others out throughout the process and I love the training to get ready. I think it is very rewarding when you know what you have achieved is difficult and you should be proud.

Blogging – I do enough of it, you would think I get some enjoyment out of it! Blogging to me is another form of escape and at times a way to get thoughts off my chest that I would otherwise not discuss out loud. Sometimes I am more okay with people reading my thoughts than I am at telling them. They make more sense, I get an understanding of them as well and it can place it into perspective. Especially if I am having trouble understanding. I love hearing from friends and followers that they read my log and love it, and what parts. Some people love the recipes, some the workouts, others love posts like these. But I love to be able to share a little about myself to those that care.

Family time – I spend a lot of time with my family, while I no longer live at home I love to go and visit, meet for a coffee and catch up. I have a great relationship with both my parents and feel I can speak to them about anything. They support me and It is nice to bounce thoughts off them. Not everyone has the best relationship with their family, and I think mine have improved over the years, even if there wasn’t much to improve on. But it is important to feel supported and be there for one another and that’s what I get from them.

Lists – An odd one yes, but one that I love. It is what keeps me sane, ensures I get everything done and leaves my head clear. It makes sure I don’t forget things and it helps me sleep at night rather than stressing I will forget. For example a list of items to pack for me is a must. shopping lists, to do lists, chores, baking orders, upcoming events, etc. I feel more in control with these. They help my stress levels

Pampering – Sometimes, all we need to relax is to get a good pamper. Getting out hair done, nails, spa date, spray tan or massage. They all help us relax, clear our mind and make us feel good about ourselves. After all the things we can do for others taking some time out for yourself is so important. You don’t even need to pay someone, spending all day at home in a robe looking after yourself can be just as relaxing. Forget about the housework and everything that might need doing and just say thanks, to the body that allows you to do everything you do.

My partner – How could this one not be included. The one that listens to me, deals with my moods and makes me see reason. If I didn’t get along with him how could I spend time with him, want to be around him and possibly live with him. I believe relationships need to be built on trust, honesty and mutual respect and this is what I believe we have created with each other. I feel no need to keep secrets and share everything with him, perhaps too much haha, but he knows me well enough now to know when I am not being truthful, that I can not keep secrets and when something is bothering me. So I think what we have going on works at the moment!

What would you consider to be your loves? Can you justify them or is it just because? As that is okay as well! Have your loves changed overtime? I know mine have, as I have grown up, learnt more about myself and those around me.
I would love to hear your thoughts!


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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