My weekend – relax

Sometimes the week gets so busy it as been and gone before you can even blink. A week like this can often feel like it created more work than accomplishments. This is exactly what my week felt like.

A busy week, but at least I got my new order of Witchery Clothing for work! I love the quality of the product they make and feel its worth the expense!

A busy week, but at least I got my knew order of Witchery Clothing for work! I love the quality of the product they make and feel its worth the expense!

So the aim for this weekend has to been to relax. Take a break and enjoy some me time and not leave the house too much. So today, aside from my training session I completed some house work, had a friend some over and visit for a much-needed catch up, some quality advice and the lovely friend of mine also brought me a flower as a present. Since then I have watched some movies and relaxed on the couch.

The catch up with my friend was one that I felt I have needed. She is always a great listener and someone I can confide in with my troubles or concerns and she helps me to see reason and sense in how I feel, she provides another thought process as sometimes I can fail to see the views of others, she helps me see them and puts things in perspective. I think that what a good friend should do. It is not wrong that they may not agree with you, but important they can justify why and it can aid in your understanding. I am very lucky to have her as a friend for that. unfortunately she does live a few hrs away, so these much-needed catch ups are often far to wide apart and we generally do not stop talking for the few hrs that we are together, until next time we catch up!

Flower from a lovely friend

Flower from a lovely friend

Aside from my training session, I have felt very relaxed today. I have had no obligations to get things done for myself or others. I ensured I trained first thing this morning and while at the time I cursed my alarm for going off, it was fine once I got going and I do enjoy an early start. With that out-of-the-way I have only me time left to fill! I have rested my body, which after this week has a dull ache in all areas from what i would call perfect training sessions.

What do you do to relax? train, take a walk, coffee, spa date, read a book or take a bath, get a massage, manicure or pedicure, yoga or meditation, cooking, cleaning, burn incense or watch a movie? We all have different ways to relax and de stress, I would love to hear yours.

The rest of my weekend should remain equally relaxing, with my partner home from his trip to Melbourne tomorrow morning I will pick him up from the airport after my morning training session. He was there to get his finger prints for his UK working VISA application. We wont find out for another 3-4 weeks how his application will conclude but it is very exciting anyway. I have been busy applying for jobs and hopefully I will find something soon enough!

What have you been up to for your weekend? Has it been relaxing or hectic? Do you give yourself a chance to wind down as I have done this weekend? Or are you like me and normally try to cram what feels like a weeks worth of coffee dates, catch ups and chores into two days?

enjoy your weekend. x


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