Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars

I contacted Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars, a Sydney based company that provides bars for the Paleo  lifestyle consumers. I wanted to check out their product, learn more of the paleo way and discover what they have to offer. They delivered.



Paleo or primal, caveman, ancestral or Stone Age, by definition is eating the way in which our body was designed to eat. It involves eating the way in which our ancestors and how we originally ate when we stepped foot on our planet. That involves loads of veggies, grass-fed meats, nut, berries, fruits and generally foods that can be foraged in their raw form. These days, food is processed, packages, has additives for shelf life and harvests up to months prior to consumption. Paleo is about getting us back to our natural state. The Paleo way of eating aids to ensure a balanced diet, that can still be tailored to each individuals needs depending on goals and expenditure. It focuses on generally reduces carb intake, decreased sugar intake and overall has been proven to increase your health and general wellbeing. Paleo is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle adopted by many around the world.

So, what has Blue Dinosaur provided for you? A tasty range of bars that suit the Paleo lifestyle, satisfy that caveman/women hunger and keep you going, whilst being satisfied that you have treated yourself with wholesome goodness.

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars

The Blue Dinosaur range have a choice of two paleo bars at present;

  1. Ginger nut
  2. The original

Now which one would you choose? Well, I don’t think either would disappoint!

Both equal each other in their texture. A cake like bar that is soft to bite into, but dense in its fillings. A bar like this makes it a delight to eat and not a jaw breaker which can so often come from other bars on the market.

The size of the bar itself is generous, knowing you are getting a good energy intake from a range of good products packed into these delicious bars.

The flavours ? The ginger nut, is reminiscent of ginger bread, and what does that remind you of? Well I thought Christmas! Full of spices and returning good memories to your mind what isn’t to love about a bar that packs a ginger punch in a soft moist bar. The Original, is based with nuts and dates and you can taste the fruitiness the dates provide, making it a rich tasty bar, you wont have any trouble finishing them off.

My favourite? Personally I am a huge spice lover girl, my choice of bar would be the ginger nut at this point. BUT, I would be in no way disappointed if all my ginger nut bars were eaten and I was left with the Original!

If you LOVE the sound of these bars, and I promise they will not disappoint, then you can make a purchase of these through the Blue Dinosaur Website.

You can follow them on all their social media site;

Even better, Blue Dinosaur is bringing out NEW flavours! While I don’t personally know what these goodies are yet, I hope to be able to try them out and give you some feedback on them once released. But I am confident they will be a hit! You will be able to see when they are released by following their social media links above, so don’t miss out!

If you have tried these out yourself, let me know your thoughts!


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  1. I’ve never heard of this!!! Need to get me some ASAP!!

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