Regret – a lack of judgement

Regret, It’s a pretty strong emotion, one that can play on your mind for a prolonged period of time. It forces us to consider it, and generally the situation itself and how things may have been different. It is a point in which something has happened, or doesn’t happen which leads you wish the other or alternative occurred.

A regret may be the fact that you said or did something you may no longer believe to be so wise. That you did nothing to stop an event from happening and stood back and watched or didn’t step up to take control when really it was your own fear, lack of belief, experience or confidence that prevented it. You can be forced into a regretful situation by others or purely yourself.

It is one I find very hard to justify. More often than not very little can be done to right the wrongs or create the outcome you wished actually happened. Because what has now occurred cannot be taken away.
Even though we can tell ourselves the above, that nothing can be done, it does not stop us from thinking about it, allowing it to play on our mind and fill our thoughts in every unoccupied moment. Until such time passes that we do finally come to terms with this, it can create a mix of anxiety and stress for the bearer.

I am sure many of us have felt these feelings, from the embarrassment of a drunk weekend, the choice to say or not to say something in a heated discussion, asking a silly question in front of those you admire or failing to deliver when expected.

You can of course choose to do something, make mention your discomfort, apologise for your actions, laugh about your stupidity, learn from your mistake to be prepared for next time.

After all, how you handled the situation to cause regret was a mistake in the first place. Isn’t it just important we learn from our mistakes? Don’t be to harsh on yourself.
If you make the same mistake over and over, maybe it is time to consider what path you are constantly taking that is not working, then build a bridge to address that.


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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