A Fantesy

Why do we watch movies, read books, dream and think about the future?

We want something more, something we cannot have, and to get away from reality. We can have a tendency to do this more at a time that may be difficult for us. Perhaps at a point of high stress, when we belive we can not fulfil what we hoped, or when we just need a break.

It is like falling into a world that can be so far from your own. A real step away from your normal. Perhaps so make-believe that you aren’t sure why you consider it a possibiliy..but it is a nice thought none the less.

For me, I love to read. Reading is what takes me to another world. If the writer is good enough I feel as though I am among the words on the pages. That the character is me and that I am reading my own life. We all have our own preferences to the types of reads and stories that entice us to read on. Personally, it is those of a fictional nature that I enjoy. I think that is because it helps ensure that I know it is as far removed from my reality as possible. Something to close, at a time I am feels perhaps at a low in my current situation is not preferable, it makes me jealous of what I read, of the generally easy-going nature that the book portrays and leaves me with a wish as to why my life doesn’t match the one with which I read. Some of my favourite authors are J.K Rowling, Dan Brown, J.R.R.Tolkien, Roald Dahl etc. Child hood favourites are as good as any.

Movies, well I am not the best with them. I am easily distracted and don’t do well sitting still for log period of time. I suit myself well with TV series, short movies and even children’s movies. They are fun, easy-going and fluffy. I only have a handful of thoughtful movies I can focus on. At this stage they include the DaVinchi Code, Angels and Demons, avatar, Blood Diamond, Man on Fire, and those of similar nature. War and Warlike, mental and awkward humour are not my preference.

What do you like to fill your mind with, pass the time and distract yourself? What is your preference of world to delve into? Do you ever wish that the world you read, was your own?


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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