What’s your diet?

What’s your diet like?
Non existent, paleo, raw, raw till four, egg free, sugar-free, wheat free, gluten-free, dairy free or diet free? Vegan, vegetarian or what fits your macros? Atkins diet, jenny craig, detox or skinny me tea. Liquid diet, carb loading or carb cycling?

Do any of these fit as yours? And do they work for you, and make you feel good? This is really all that matters!

A diet can be any of the above, a combination of what works for you. The way we diet affects out moods, hormones, energy levels, motivation, thought processing, fat storage and fat burning, hunger levels, quality of our hair nails and skin and our immune system and all other working concepts of your body.

So with this in mind why wouldn’t you eat in a way that benefits all of the above?

Now generally we all seem to be rather judgemental about what others consume and why.
How often have you been to a party to state you are taking a month of drinking for your health only to be ridiculed and lectured about how it’d good to let your hair down and just once wont hurt?
Sometimes people don’t understand the importance to you about making change to help make you feel better, and often believe they know better in terms of what is right.
So even if they to are dieting, I can promise you they will almost always try to tell you their way is better, healthier and works wonders.

I don’t like to think of the way I eat as a diet.. Sure during my comp prep it is more like that, due to the strictness of meal times, ratios and timing. But aside from a comp, I continue to eat to this method but using it more as a guideline rather than a requirement. I call this my lifestyle. Like some people have a diet of fast food, I have a diet high in vegetables, good carbs, fats and protein. It works for me, it fuels me and gives me strength and I feel better eating like this than any other way. There are times when I move away from the guidelines and let my hair down, and this is fun at the time. While I don’t regret doing it, I notice the impact on my body immediately. From a blocked nose, puffy skin, a slight breakout, bloating and an upset tummy, it reminds me every time why I choose to fuel my body as I do. And so the cycle continues again.

Thinking about what you consume as a lifestyle rather than a diet takes away the thought of ‘restriction’ surrounding the term. A diet seems as though you are locked in to its requirements and therefore we naturally want to work against it, as we do not like restriction. When you do not label it as a restriction you are less likely to work against it, and that can only work in your favor. So I think it is about trying to change your mindset into not working to guidelines and understanding that you have room for movement if required. Try this in terms of your ‘diet’ and I believe it will work better than before… that is of course if you have trouble sticking to a diet in the first place, which is a common issue to have.

Keeping all of this in mind, don’t you think that it is a good idea to be able to accept people’s choices to try to do better for themselves, their health and wellbeing is if makes them feel good in and about themselves? Getting to know you and your body and what works is half the fun, and something we should all come familiar with at some point. We will continue to learn, as our bodies continue to change and develop. You will find what works for you now may not work for you all the time. So keep trying new things, and working in your own best interests.


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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