Leg Workout

Tonight, I was down in Hobart for work, and I ran into a friend from BulkNutrients that I met when we both did our ambassador duties at the Valour in Launceston. Dylan is from Hobart and involved in MotorCross, he is currently recovering from a knee injury.
Well, I had started my leg workout when he came over and invited me over to join them in lunges. Sure I thought that will be fun.. I think I was slightly off with my idea that ti would be fun. but it was, however, totally worth it.

The workout
Heels elevated 1 1/2 squats with dumbbells superset with walking lunges with dumbbells. – 4 sets – 10 reps for squats and approx 16 lunges up and back – drop the dumbbells for your way back.

Squats – 1st set – 10 full reps – 2nd, 3rd and 4th – 1 rep=4 pulses and stand do 5 reps for the 2nd, 4reps for the 3rd and 3reps on the 4th. Finally complete 10 more full reps.

Triple superset! walking lunges with barbell with step ups with squats – do the length of the gym (about 16) in lunges, complete 10 each leg step ups (do all the right leg then all the left), then 10-12 deep squats. – complete 3 times!

DeadLifts – 3 sets of 10 reps



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