An insight into my Diet

In line with my recent post, I will explain how my diet works. In brief terms.

I receive my diet recommendations from my trainer at ProTraining, and she tells me of the exact amounts to the grams of my essential food groups being fats, carbs and protein. Vegetables are a staple and not monitored at this stage, so I pack those in.

During comp prep there are certain areas that would be off-limits. Bacon, ham, other processed and shaved meats, peas, corn, beetroot and other considerable sweet vegetables. Fruit and dairy is not of high consideration but cottage cheese is allowed. Soy products such as soy sauce, tofu etc are also not preferable. As far as spices and flavourings go, stock aside from homemade is not preferable during the comp prep due to all the additions in the products. Canned items are not good due to the nature of the liquid in order to preserve the content, spices provided they are excluding sugar are also acceptable, and I have a huge variety of spices to ensure my food tastes extra tasty!

However I do consume plenty of 5 star mince meats, eggs, beef, chicken, turkey, and fish of all sorts. I love my vegetables and as mentioned above with the exclusions of a few I have a huge variety to choose from. I always try to have a meal of greens being broccoli, broccolini, beans and spinach. Other meals for me consist of cauliflower, zucchini, red capsicum, mushroom and cabbage. I love the combination of vegetables and it ensures that I am constantly providing myself with variety and keeping it interesting. On top of that, a variety of vegetables ensure that I am getting a good combination of nutrients as different coloured vegetables will provide me with different goodness!

For my fats, I have anything from coconut oil (my favourite), nuts, avocado, organic butter, flax oil and olive oil. Adding nuts to my meals helps to keep me full for longer, and helps add flavour and texture to my dish!

I will even have a cheat meal once a week. I will like to have this on a training day that I have done legs, that way I know I have worked hard. At this point, I am in comp prep and so a cheat meal consists of additional carbs or oats with berries – YUM! During an off-season though it will be what i like, if I got to my parents or my partners parents for dinner or head out for dinner for an occasion, it is something I enjoy. Having a cheat meal can help me to stay on track, and kickstart my metabolism again.

I leave the control in the hand of my trainer, at some point during comp prep my cheat meals will be removed, my fats and carb intake will alter to suit and even my protein may change. It all ensures I am on track to my goals. She works out my macros and macro nutrients and works within those guidelines to tell me what to eat. I do not want the full control, as it could see me filling my macros with items that do not have the nutritional content that I truly require.

So that is a bit of an in site into how my diet works. For everyone it will depend on their goal, size, mass, expenditure and ability to lose or gain weight.


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