What to do with leftovers?

There is no point throwing out leftovers, it’s basically like tipping water down the drain. Buy why throw out a dish or elements of a dish because you don’t want to eat them in their current state?

Take pasta for example, you have eaten all the Bolognese filling, but as usual you have cooked too much pasta. Sure we may not consider pasta to be extremely expensive, it can’t be considering it’s a UNI students staple. But why chuck it out? I’m sure there is plenty to re done with it.

How about the mustard left in the bottom of a tin? Why don’t you chuck some oil, lemon juice and salt and shake it up, there is a perfectly good dressing.

The leftover wine in a bottle, don’t tip it down the drain, freeze into cubes, that way you can melt a single cube when you make your next white based cream sauce of red wine based mushroom gravy!

A bunch of herbs, and it’s a friday and you are out all weekend, you know that they will go bad come the new week. dice these up and freeze them in some water in an ice block tray as well, this will keep your herbs fresh for future use!


So, let’s go back to my pasta option. I did this last night, I always over cook pasta. and normally I would chuck it out. But tonight I used it to make a quiche and it was a great idea. This idea can also be used for left over roast meals and vegetables.



What did I do?

a piece of puff pastry
4 eggs
1/3-1/2c cream
some grated cheese
salt and pepper
a saute onion
some roasted sweet potato
left over pasta

I lined my mini cake tins with the pastry. Pre heated oven to 180 degrees.
sautΓ©ed my onion and baked my sweet potato cubes
I combined my parsley, salt, pepper, cheese, eggs, and cream and whisked to combined. I placed my fillings into the pastry case first, then poured the cream/egg mix over top – I cooked these for approx 30minutes or until the filling was firm and therefore the egg cooked through.
Serve as is, or with some salad.
YUM – nice and quick, and no left overs!




About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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