Cherry and Coconut Ice-Cream

What to do with a whole lot of left over cherries? Plenty of home cooking already in the cupboards and a risk of it not being eaten in time? Well, make an ice-cream with said ingredient! By making ice-cream, it doesn’t need to be eaten immediately, in fact, it can last months!

So, I have left over cherries from the bag I bought to make my Raw Clean Cherry Ripe slab. What goes will with cherries? In my opinion coconut. And I have been yet to use coconut milk in my ice-cream – I have wanted to for a while after reading many Thai ice-cream recipes. Even better I have come leftover coconut milk in the fridge. This is turning out perfect, I am using up all my leftovers!

I whipped this up this morning before work, I am getting much faster with my ice-cream making. I know initially it took me a lot longer to make, getting each component right and being delicate with my combining of ingredients. Now it is nice and quick and I know the base recipe of by heart. Even better? No ice-cream maker, so you don’t need to buy another appliance for this! Perfect!

Cherry and Coconut Ice-cream

Cherry and Coconut Ice-cream

The Base recipe
4 egg yolks
2 whole eggs
1c caster sugar
1tub (600ml) thickened cream
1. Whisk your eggs and sugar in a bowl over boiling water for 8 minutes until thick, creamy and pale in colour.
2. whip your cream into soft peaks
3. Combine your egg mix with your cream mix, carefully, do not over beat or you get all the air out of the cream which helps make it nice and fluffy not icy!
4. add vanilla for plain and yummy vanilla flavour OR add all your other flavours; fruit, nuts, caramel, melted choc etc.
5. freeze overnight!

Cherry and coconut ice-cream

Cherry and coconut ice-cream

For The Cherry and Coconut Ice-cream
I actually did half the recipe – so follow the above but do 2 egg yolks, 1 whole egg, 300ml cream and 1/2c caster sugar! OR double my filling ingredients for a full batch.
2 cups of chopped and pitted cherries – about 4 cups whole cherries
tsp vanilla bean paste
1/2c coconut milk
add your vanilla bean paste as you whip your cream. Add your coconut milk when you combine your egg milk to your cream mix.
Blitz your cherries lightly in a food processor first and fold through you combined cream and egg milk as the last step before pouring into a container for freezing.


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  1. This looks divine!

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