Back and Bicep workout

So this week I have decided to change the workouts up this week a bit. back is tied with biceps and chest with triceps, shoulders with abs and as normal two sessions of legs πŸ™‚ It’s a good idea to change-up your workouts on a regular basis, it prevents the body getting used to the same old thing and falling into a comfort zone of repetition. So whether it’s changing the exercises themselves, the tempo, holds or pulses, superset, high reps and low reps or as I have done pairing differently, all of these work well to ensure you continually work your muscles in a new way. Making every workout, harder than the last


wide grip lat pull-down with cable seated rows – do 10 slow release lat pull downs with 5 fast. Do 10 fast pumps of seated rows – repeat 4x’s

close grip lat pull downs – Β 4 sets of – 10 slow, 5 fast – fast backwards on the lat machine.

one-armed dumbbell rows – 3 sets of Β – 10 reps with holds at the bottom, 5 quicker

one-armed dumbbell row – triple drop set, 10 res each drop.

bent over barbel row – 4 sets – 10 slow reps and squeeze with 10 faster – as you up the weight do less fast reps – for the 4th set no holds

rope curls – 4 sets of 15 reps – sets 1 and 3 – do slow and squeeze. Sets 2 and 4 – pump

spider curls superset with hammer curls – 4 sets Β – spider curls – 12 reps, hammer curls 20 ,10 each arm)

isolated single arm curls – 4 sets of 8-10 reps



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