Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Protein Ice-cream

I have been wanting to make a ‘clean’ version of ice-cream for ages! I always make naughty ones, you can view my other recipes here. My last attempt I tried it with eggs as pr a normal method but that didn’t quiet work out, so it was back to the drawing board. When I whipped up this chocolate hazelnut and banana protein ice-cream last night, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I think that the flavours were always going to work, I mean how can you go wrong with chocolate, hazelnut and banana? I was worried about the texture an consistency, there is nothing worse than having am icy textured ice-cream. It needs to be creamy and smooth and melt in your mouth. Shards of ice are not a nice combination, no matter how good the flavour.

So the outcome of this ice-cream?

I cannot eat it, but my partner did, and he loved the flavour and the consistency is smooth and enjoyable as ice-cream should be. This ice-cream could easily omit the banana as well, if thats not really your thing. not to mention switching the hazelnut for mint essence for a choc mint.. um. the options are endless, let your imagination and experimentation run wild.

This recipe makes a standard takeaway container size in mixture, if ice-cream was your only dessert this could serve 3, as an accompaniment perhaps stretched to 6. So if you want this to last, i suggest making double to triple recipe!

Start at least 4 hrs before needing to ensure frozen enough.

You also need frozen bananas – it is best to freeze bananas removed from their skin as the skins are very difficult to remove once frozen. Frozen bananas are even great to add to smoothies and create a very creamy texture! So if you find your banans are getting to ripe before they wil be used up, freeze them for use later!

Chocolate hazelnut Banana Protein Ice-cream

Chocolate hazelnut Banana Protein Ice-cream

Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Protein Ice-cream
1c almond milk
2tbsp raw honey
1tsp vanilla bean paste
1tbsp cashew or almond butter
2tbsp hazelnut spread – I used Mayvers Cacao Hazelnut
1tbsp cocoa
1tsp cinnamon
1 frozen banana
60g chopped roasted hazelnuts
2scoops of BulkNutrients Chocolate WPI

Combine everything into a food processor except the hazelnuts. Blend into a smooth consistency. once smooth pour int he hazelnuts and mix by hand. Pour into a container and place int he freezer to set – stir every hr to ensure it doesn’t set icy. OR if you have an ice-cream maker, place into this as per normal method of ice-cream making.
serve with additional roasted hazelnuts, shredded coconut, cacao nibs etc.


Chocolate hazelnut Banana Protein Ice-cream

Chocolate hazelnut Banana Protein Ice-cream


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