What sort of attitude do you bring to a task?



Is it a half-hearted, it’s always Friday attitude, or do you have a spring in your step ready to tackle a task? Do you put all your thought, love and effort into a task, or do you get the job done to it’s minimal standard? Do you take pride in your work as if it is your own baby, or do you fob it off at the first opportunity?

Your attitude can affect how you approach a task, how you tackle it and how you complete it. Your motivation is affected and your interest and willingness to put in your all.

What drives your attitude? Is it a personal desire to be the best at all that you do? Perhaps it’s your love for said subject/topic/task that engulfs you in interest that it is no longer a chore or a task but a love and a passion. Do you aim to prove your ability to a significant other, trainer, boss or yourself? What ever drives your attitude, is something that needs to be worked out for each of us. It is our key to success and getting us to our goals, knowing our passion and striving for success.

Without a positive attitude things are slow to complete and a chore to begin.

I myself have seen my attitude change countless times within different areas and tasks that I plan to do.

When I find myself doing well at work, busy and understanding all that I aim to do, my attitude is positive, I enjoy what I am doing more and I want to keep working. When things get a little hard, perhaps a distraction comes along my attitude towards work can decrease. I notice when this happens, and so I work to pick it back up. We all have life distractions, we all find new things hard and we all stumble along the way, as you have heard before; ‘it’s about how you pick yourself back up’ that can prove more about you as a person then the fall in the first place.

I have found my attitude towards training decrease before. I am thankful to say that right now I have not felt this at all, Β and with my goal firmly in place my positive attitude towards my INBA goal has only increased. But sometimes training gets hard, the weather gets cold, it’s raining or maybe we have put on some winter flab, and so our attitude towards our health and training decreases and all of a sudden it becomes a chore to head to the gym or outside for a run, and the attitude is displayed on our work ethic as we fail to work up a sweat that we used too.

Having the right attitude is what sets apart those that succeed, those that go to the next level and those that fail. You can choose what attitude you want to have, it’s okay to give yourself a pep talk to get you in the right mindset. Your attitude will be driven by passion and what you love. Finding that passion and working with that positive attitude is when great things happen.


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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