Granola 11:11 – Granola Bites with Chia Seed Jam

I recently came across Granola 11:11.
Initially the name sparked my interest, it made me think of the time 11:11am or pm when you see this you want to make a wish don’t you? What do you wish for? And so this is what sparked the name of Granola 11-11, founder Robert, also noticed this and decided to share his granola with you all!

Granola 11:11

Granola 11:11

There are two types of granola that 11-11 Granola provides.

  1. Macadamia and Cranberry
  2. Puffed Quinoa and Macadamia

Both are all natural products and sweetened using honey and cinnamon. This makes them perfect for those looking to minimise their sugar intake, but like me, have that ongoing love for granola.

For those that are Gluten intolerant or prefer to minimise their intake, the Puffed Quinoa and macadamia range provide this for you. I know in the past it can be hard to find a gluten-free muesli that really hits the stop.

So, what do we all love about muesli? Is it the chewiness of a raw muesli, or the crisp crunch of a toasted muesli. What about the sweetness provided from not only natural sweeteners of honey and maple, as well as spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove, these all provide a rich earthy flavour that we love from muesli. Not to mention the contrasting texture of crunch and chew from nuts and dried fruits, it’s an explosion in your mouth that leaves us wanting more. Granola 11:11 provides all of this from its two selections and I’m not sure which one I prefer.

The Puffed Quinoa and Macadamia certainly provides something different to the normal verities on supermarket shelves, sometimes its nice to have a change. The Macadamia and Cranberry provides sweetness for a healthy muesli and both are very generous for its combination of nuts and fruits. It is nice not to be a page full of the cheap product as fillers with only a scattering of the nuts a fruit. The distributions of ingredients is just what you expect for a premium product and you are getting what you pay for. I cannot even fault the packaging, to often we overlook the effort put into the packaging of our products. For granola 11:11 nothing is overlooked, the bags replicate the premium product inside and ensure you want to open them up and try the delicious goodness.

Now, Granola is very versatile, have with yogurt, milk, on its own, add into a crumble topping, layer with chia, fruit and yogurt, top of ice-cream for added crunch, add to some fruit and nut butter, the options are endless.

Where to buy this delicious product? online at Granola 11:11, they also list their Victorian stockings online.

How did I make use of Granola 11:11?

Granola bites with Strawberry Chia Jam

Granola bites with Strawberry Chia Jam

Granola Bites with a Strawberry Chia jam
Start this recipe the night before – for the jam

The Jam
1/6 c chia
1/3 c water
1/2 tsp vanilla
1-2tbsp puree strawberry
Blitz your strawberries then combine all the ingredients into a jar and place into the fridge to set overnight. This recipe makes more than you need. If you want additional sweetness you can simply omit the water and add only 1/3c+1-2tbsp strawberries. you can use the rest of the jam on anything – in a crumble, a chia seed pudding, on its own, with fruit, in a smoothie etc.

The Granola Bites
This recipe makes 6 bites
1/2c granola – I used the quinoa and macadamia combination
2tbsp coconut oil
1tbsp honey
Melt your honey and coconut oil together and stir through your granola. Evenly distribute the granola into silicon cupcake moulds and place into the fridge to set.

Once set and jam completed, dollop some jam on top of the bites and consume! yum πŸ™‚

Granola bites with Strawberry Chia Bites

Granola bites with Strawberry Chia Bites


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