Commitment is a funny thing, some people can do it easily, like they have a switch and can turn it and yep that’s it everything that works towards that commitment is a go, anything that slows it up from happening is a no go.
While for others, it can be a constant battle to stay on track to the commitment they have made. temptation is easily given in to, excuses come easily and a way out is welcomed.
Generally it becomes obvious, those that cannot commit. Because it is a habit built over time to give in and give up, so they not only don’t commit to themselves, they don’t commit to others either. Friends, family, they are all included on being sideswiped for something more appealing, easier or interesting.

I like to think I am of the committed type. I generally tend not to say I will do something without following it through.
I don’t like to let people down or allow people opinions of me to change.
I don’t think this is a self-conscious thing, I think that it means a commitment I make to someone is just as important as a commitment made to myself. I think that not being able to commit to yourself especially, only downgrades your own value. It is a huge reflection on what you think of yourself and your personal ability.

Sometimes it can become to easy to start making excuses and as said above it becomes a habit. A habit is caused by continuous repetition overtime. So you would think to avoid being uncommitted, you don’t make this a habit to start with, instead you say yes to the things you want to do and follow them through.

That way, when you complete the commitment, it reflects well on you, and it reinforces to yourself that you can complete the tasks you set out to do!

and it feels good.


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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