Why lie?

We all do it, don’t we?
At one point or another we claim to like the dinner our mother in law cooked, we tell our sister their outfit or hair looks great, we comfort a friend after a break up and tell them it wasn’t their fault or we tell the police officer we didn’t know we were speeding. All of these are what we generally call ‘white lies’ little comments, generally insignificant to make the other person feel good about themselves and have the confidence, to get yourself out of a pickle or as a ‘pick me up’ for your friend. But it’s when lies start to matter that they become an issue.
When you tell your trainer you were 100% on your diet all week, you tell your doctor you don’t smoke so you don’t know where the cough came from, your tell your partner you were at work late but weren’t really, you tell yourself you train hard but really its half-hearted.
The difference between the white lies I mentioned and the second lot of lies, are that the white lies don’t really influence you, the second lot of lies do, they dictate how the situation will be handled by those you are lying to and create a different result.
If you lie to a doctor, how can they do their job? If you lie to your partner, how can you expect the relationship to work with no trust? If you lie to your trainer, how can they provide you with proper recommendations without the right information?

Sometimes we become embarrassed by the truth, and if we are, than why are we doing it in the first place? You would think that common sense would tell us its the wrong choice.. but oh how often common sense lets us down.
So we find ourselves lying about details and we think no one will notice. But the doctor has medical proof that you have been smoking, your partner knows something isn’t quiet right but perhaps not sure what, and you trainer knows the diet should work but it’s your sabotage and more than likely they know/have been told or seenΒ what has been going on… hello social media – there are no secrets there.

But does it make you feel good when you lie to your friends, family, doctor or trainer? Sure, lying your way out of that speeding fine feels good, but what about when you know the reason the diet isn’t working is because you ate that extra slice of chocolate cake because you couldn’t say no? Your trainer won’t be affected, it’s not their body or their personal goal, they will just lose confidence in your ability, but by being honest, they will know how to treat your craving and go into correction mode for the wrongs you have done. They will also gain the confidence that you will be honest that you will tell them everything, which only makes their job easier.

Now the example of being honest to yours trainer is specific to me, and close to home at this point due to the nature of the sport I compete in and my current diet I must stick to.

Generally we all have a trainer looking after us especially in regards to out diet, it is just easier that way.
And my diet consists of measured out protein, carbs and fats and I am expected to follow those recommendations to get the desired results. Not only that, but if I have everything right that my trainer tells me, then if it is not working then we know it requires tweaking, rather than it not working because I ate a double serving of egg and avocado all week because I thought they were good for me…
Now I know so many competitors that have lied to both me and their trainer in regards to what they eat. I’m not sure which annoys me more… I think lying to their trainer means that they can not recommend appropriately and why bother paying for the service and wasting their time if you wont listen anyway.. lying to me well I’m just their friend, I could help then cope with the struggle of the diet, and encourage them.. I think if they are lying to me as a friend then they are really lying to themselves as well.

To be honest we often find out in the end anyway.

You need to have a good memory to be a good liar.

So eventually you slip up, you tell a story that doesn’t fit in with the lie you told and it becomes obvious, the results prove it, or someone lets the cat out of the bag on you.

In the end, said lie only makes you look silly, and allows people to create an opinion of you which may not have been there had you been truthful in the first place.
And we don’t want that.


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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