Turkish Delight Cream Pie

Similar to the Peanut Butter Cream Pie, which is delicious, creamy in texture, moorish, naughty and has been very popular among my friends for requests to make this for them, this Turkish delight pie was also a request from a friend for her fathers birthday as Turkish Delight is a favourite of his!
So I tweaked the Peanut butter Cream Pie Recipe to make it work!

Note; if you don’t like rosewater, just add more white choc instead, it will be a white chocolate cream pie instead! – still yummy I think.

Turkish delight cream pie

Turkish delight cream pie

Turkish Delight Pie
The base
200g chocolate ripple biscuits
150g melted butter

The filling
250g cream cheese
1/2tbsp rosewater
2tbsp castor sugar
1/2c thicken cream
125g mascarpone cheese
1/3c melted white chocolate
1-2 drops pink food colouring
tsp vanilla essence
tsp lemon juice

The topping
1/2c white chocolate melted
1/4c thickened cream
extra food colouring to swirl

Traditional Turkish delight to decorate/place on top.

This recipe is perfect for it’s no baking method making it nice and quick!

The Method
1. Process your chocolate ripple biscuits into a fine crumb.
2. Melt your butter. meanwhile line a cake dish with baking paper. (always use a cake dish with a removable outside for these types of recipes!)
3. Combine your crumb and butter and press into the cake tin and place in the fridge whilst you make your filling.
4. in your Mixmaster on a low to medium speed make your filling. First add your cream cheese, sugar and mascarpone and combine, then with the whisks moving add the rest of your ingredients. Add you cream last and slowly, finally finish with your food colouring – I think light is best but if you want a dark pink go for it! I find it easier to pour a little out onto a spoon first then splash a drop in, rather than trying to pour out of the bottle!. Turn the speed up for a few minutes and ensure incorporated and scrape down the sides as you go.
5. pour over your base and place back into the fridge.
6. make your topping – I do this in the microwave but to ensure you don’t cook your chocolate you could do it over a water bath. melt your cream and chocolate together (about 30 seconds in the microwave on high) and pour over your filling mix. Roll the cake tin around to ensure even coverage.
7. to decorate, I dip a skewer into the food dye and create swirls. you will need to dip multiple times and can place as many swirls in what ever pattern you want!
8. leave in the fridge overnight or for 3-4hrs to set before removing from your cake tine.
note: run a hot skewer around the outside before you remove from your cake tine! Slice with a hot, clean knife. Top with traditional Turkish delight for presentation!

Turkish delight cream pie

Turkish delight cream pie

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