Your Success is not always your own

I like to think I am an independent person. That I succeed in my goals due to my own hard work.
But last night, as I lay in bed considering this thought I realised how untrue it is. And no matter what you do, you most definitely didn’t do it by yourself. At one point, or another you had help, even if you didn’t realise it.

That help might have come from you parents, partner, friends, brothers or sister, boss, work colleague, trainer or teacher, you might have sought external help, received financial assistance or encouragement, you may have vented your frustration on someone or asked someone’s opinion.
These people and collective groups may have listened to you, swayed your thoughts, provide a new outlook, guidance, offered to help, provided needed funds, helped you finish a task, told you ‘you can do it’ and aided in your determination to make it to the end.

As much as you might like to think you did something on your own, chances are you didn’t.

That late night phone call to your friend talking about your dramas, they were helping you de-stress.
Your partner that listened to your speech, they were supporting you and helping you listen to your thoughts out-loud.
Your parents that lent you some needed funds because you were short, but you paid them back right away, they helped you get doneΒ what needed to be done then.
Your trainer that told you, you are on track and doing well, they provided guidance and reassurance that you will meet your end result.
Your brother that posed a probing questions to your plans, made you think twice and ensure all the boxes were ticked, helping you get it done correctly.
The teacher that taught you the concepts you know today, gave you your knowledge.
Your boss that offered you time off work or to help in your task, reminded you that you have those around you willing to help which made things less daunting.

All of these provided assistance in one way to reaching your goal.
Whether its loosing weight, taking on a diet, studying at UNI, saving for a mortgage, having your first child, a trip overseas, starting a business, training for a marathon or as I am doing training for my fitness competition. They all require dedication and all get assistance in one way or another from your network of friends and family.

For me, my partner asks me how I am going all the time and is interested in my progress, this helps keep my excitement, enthusiasm and goal at front of mind.
My dad and training partner help me train, pushing me to my limits and building me up.
My family listens to me, when I have a lot on my chest and just need to get it out.
My trainer keeps me on track, taking my measurements and control of my diet so I have less to worry about.
My sponsors take the financial worry out of competing and being able to make it to the stage.
My work allows me to eat as required within my work hours, meaning I can successfully do what needs to be done.
My friends come and watch me compete, ensuring I know I am supported in what I am doing.

I couldn’t really do it without all of the above when I put it like that.

So who supports you in the goals and achievement you think are solely your own? Who would you need to thank if you had to?


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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2 Responses to Your Success is not always your own

  1. I enjoyed reading this blog and while I knew it to be true it still opened my eyes. You don’t realize the extent at which a person can be an asset to you during specific times of your life. Which is why it is so important to thank those people for even the smallest things because sometimes the small things are the big ones.

    • nfrain says:

      Thankyou for reading lovely! 😘
      I glad I could still open your eyes to think about it and hopefully you considered some of your own achievements who helped you along the way! Sometimes I guess we get caught up in the achievement itself without realizing! 😊

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