What I am loving right now

You know how we go in fazes about what we enjoy, what motivates us and what our interests are? It can be dictated so much on your work, stress levels, surroundings and influential people. These days, many of us get a lot of our inspiration from the internet, the long, never-ending stream of photos, quotes and mantras provide us with an interest in a number of topics. You often find yourself liking and following those with a similar interest and those that display the items of interest to you at that particular time. A few months later and you may find yourself un-liking these people as your interest change, as does what you want to see as a driver in your motivation.

I was talking to one of the guys at work the other day, and we were discussing our FB and social media accounts. If you look at my instagram, FB and other areas I follow, you will notice it is full of fitness inspiration, workout ideas, fitness competitors, food, cakes, baking, healthy food, clean recipe ideas and even the occasional house and homey inspiration page. So instantly you can see my love of fitness and cooking. His however is filled with boating, small boats and fishing, which displays his love of fishing as an interest. I also notice another friend always ‘liking’ amazing interior photos of white and timber rooms filled with cosy looking furnishing, this shows her love of interiors and job as an interior designer and drawing inspiration from these.

So, what are some of the things I am loving right now?

I am loving my training – I mean really loving it. I feel on track to meet my goals and have loads of enthusiasm with each session and pushing myself each and every time. I am getting good feedback about my progress which certainly aids in my motivation. My training partners are great, Kieran who pushes me and changes up the workouts constantly provides ongoing motivation and support. My dad, who is similar in his ability to me, but just that little bit better. Being just better than me makes me see what he is doing as attainable and therefore I push myself to make it there too, while he continues to raise the bar higher for me. The competitiveness in me makes training with dad a good combination, and I am having fun.

I am loving my veggies – Well who would have thought! I was always brought up on vegetables, a staple in every meal, and I was made to eat them which I guess helped to ground me in the areas of good eating habits and my desire to eat them. I remember as a kid going home from a friends party and only wanting veggies for tea because all I had eaten in 24hrs was sugar. But now, as I train for my prep, veggies are in every meal. At the moment, I have very much gone off broccoli, so I have switched it up for a lot of cauliflower and the addition of beans. As always I am in love with red capsicum, mushrooms and zucchini – they make up my standard breakfast!

Mince meat – I have recently begun eating a lot of it.. I am not sure if it is for its ease of cooking up a big batch, the taste or the texture but it has been a preference of mine lately. Chicken mince, beef, lamb, turkey and pork.. perhaps its the variety I can get that makes it a great option. I used to LOVE salmon, for the creamy oily texture of it. But recently have not felt like having it and regretted it when I do, so I have stayed away from that for a while too.

Peppermint tea – I have found this to be my choice of drink recently. I enjoy the fresh flavour of it, it helps prevent my cravings and it is just yummy! I have been told these options along with green tea are great drinks to have whilst dieting, and minimal caffeinated drinks. But I can just not bring myself to drink green tea, no matter how much I tell myself it is yummy, my taste buds tell me no. So I allow myself one black tea, and one coffee a day. The remainder of my drinks are protein powders, BCAAs, water and peppermint tea. YUM.

Making cream pies – I often make a lot of tiered cakes for friends and family for birthdays and events. Lately, I have started making some cream pies, peanut butter and Turkish delight among some I have done so far, I would love to do a peppermint as well I think. They are so yummy (I have one before I started dieting), lite and creamy in texture. and what I love, they are so easy to make, as well as easy to decorate and look great. So I think I will happily stick with these for a while.

My Facebook page followers – Well, my page wouldn’t have the numbers without all the followers so I have to be happy about that! But recently I have had a number of followers recreating my recipes and stating their love for it, which is what I love to see and hear! So they are sending me the photos of their creations and I can admire and repost to others what influence I have on them. I love to see that my ideas inspire others as well!

Planning my trip – With so much to think about and do in a short amount of time, you would think that I would be more stressed than enjoying it.. But that might come later! I am loving thinking what we will get up to whilst living away, the adventures and experiences and what it will be like.. at the moment it feels like dreaming, but I know it will happen.

My comp preparation in general – As a whole, I am thoroughly enjoying the whole experience. The immediate changes I have seen in my body after 12 days of strict eating, the cheat meal I get tonight, the training and the feeling of progress. What’s not to love about this journey? I help myself stay motivated and enjoy the sport as well by continuing to feed my eyes with images of those I idolize and I look forward; to not just my immediate goals but my long-term ones as well, this helps remind me that everything I do now affects me for the future.


So those are some of my loves right now and my thoughts around them.

Perhaps I will revisit this topic in a month or two and see what might have changed!


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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