Some of the things I do as a fitness model

A lot of people have an opinion on what fitness model competitors do, along with other bodybuilder, physique competitors etc. Some of the major opinions can be; the amount of training we do, what we eat, bad moods, how horribly life changing it is, how you can’t possibly maintain it or have a life whilst doing it..and the list goes on. I want to explore some of these with you and put my thoughts on the page for you πŸ™‚

  • We have to train a lot – Yes, we are required to train. How else can you trim and tone down, build muscle and look fit? Believe me, if we could do it sitting on the couch then there would be no business with the influx of gyms and personal trainers in the last few years. So, if you want to build muscle, you do weights. If you want to waste away your muscle, do cardio. So can you guess which one I do the most? Weights, that’s right. During an offseason and in the early stages of prep, it will remain only weights for me, to ensure that I do not lose too much muscle! Coming closer to competition some additional cardio may be required to really trim down. But generally, it is only one standard length gym session a day, 6 days a week. I always have a rest day, you body needs that. Otherwise you potentially over train which can both stunt growth,  cause fatigue and lower your immune system and decrease you motivation if you are trying to hard. We don’t want that! Motivation is the driver in maintaining you goals, body and focus.
  • What we eat – Greens and chicken ring a bell? Yes, that’s a common opinion people have of what we eat on a daily basis. But I eat a rainbow of food. It does not need to be boring, spices are an essential in my meal preparation. So I eat anything from chicken, steak, kangaroo, mince, eggs, tuna, salmon, then a large selection of vegetables. And believe it or not I eat good fats and carbs too! Yes, carbs. To often you hear people stating they will cut out carbs or fat to lose weight. Really it is about understanding your body, eating the right fats and carbs and timing them at the right time in regards to your training. So some of the fats I eat include; nuts, coconut oil, butter, avocado, olive oil and flax oil. Some of the carbs include; pumpkin, sweet potato, basmati rice, brown rice and quinoa. So with such a huge selection, how could I get bored?
  • Bad moods – Okay, so it goes without saying that if you are tired and hungry you will be little miss grumpy. So many people do tend to assume that we get tired and grumpy when we compete. I guess this would be the case if you are overtraining as mentioned above, and perhaps not eating enough which for some people can be the result during their comp prep. I can probably agree that the week or two leading up my patients can decrease, I guess as the end is near and the excitement, nerves and ambition all kick in I can feel like I can doubt myself and this can resonate in my mood. But all in all, I don’t blame the competition prep itself.
  • The lifestyle change – So, people think we can’t go out, socialise or be apart of normal society anymore? When you find the list of fitness model rules, show me where this is on it. There is no rule to this, and quiet often I will go out with my partner, I take my food and drink water, just like I was a designated driver. Sure I don’t get drunk, but I don’t have a hangover or food coma either. I do often head home earlier then the rest, but only because the drunk conversation gets a bit too much to handle. socializing is still possible, and often a lot of places wont even care if you pack your own food, just tell them you are allergic to like everything. Call ahead if you aren’t to sure. I once ate my kangaroo, rice and veggies in the cinemas because it fell on meal time. I could use it as an excuse if I wanted to though I guess..

So those are some of the components I think people often think of when faced with the idea of fitness modelling. But it’s not all bad, I feel so good in myself when I eat and train as above, my hair, nails and skin are stronger and healthier, I have more energy and I like how I look and feel. Isn’t being comfortable in your own skin what it’s all about and as long as it makes you happy? And I know that when I eat a burger, chips or ice-cream outside my normal scope, my body tells me its doesn’t like it and I am reminded I am making the right choice for my body πŸ™‚


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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