Sesame Seed Snaps

I am terrible for being bored in the morning and deciding to quickly whip up some form of quick treat. Raw ones are often best, treat balls are quick and easy and raw slices means I can place them in the fridge to set whilst at work, meaning they aren’t at risk of being disturbed to soon as I am to impatient to view the end result.

So this morning it was sesame seed snaps – I used to buy these from the supermarket all the time but they are only sweetened with actual sugar rather than natural sweeteners! So, my recipe uses more cleaner options rather than a cup full of white sugar! And I think, they turned out just as good, if not better πŸ˜‰

sesame seed snap

sesame seed snap

Play around with the recipe too. If you want to do them for kids lunches, omit the cashews and almond meal and sub for oat meal and extra sesame or a mix of other seeds!

Sesame seed snaps

You will need;
1c sesame seeds (could use black as well) (could also swap for other seeds)
1/4c almond or hazelnut meal
1/8c raw honey
1/8c agave (could use additional honey)
1/4tsp vanilla bean paste or extract
1/4c cashews finely chopped (can omit or replace for other/extra nuts)
1tbsp coconut oil melted

First turn your oven to 180degrees
Combine all dry ingredients together
Combine your wet ingredients and heat in the microwave to make them easier to combine
Stir the two together and pour out into baking paper
Place another sheet of baking paper overtop and using a rolling-pin roll out to a Desired thickness, mine was about .5cm
Take the top piece of baking paper away and slide your slice into a baking tray
Place in the oven for about 15mins or until golden
Keep watch though to prevent too much burning
The sides might burn slightly but they can be removed
Remove from oven and allow to cool
Once partially set but still warm slice into neat squares/sizes or wait until set completely and snap into pieces


sesame seed snap

sesame seed snap


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  1. Sounds and looks great. Definitely goes on my “to try” list!

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