Workout Terminology

Whenever you enter a new hobby, interest and especially sport, you are greeted with a new vocabulary of terms and rules that you need to learn, and sometimes this can take a long time! for example, soccer and offsiding, cricket and ‘caught in the slips’, football and a high tackle, a game of poker and ‘on the river’, or tennis and an ace. All are new rules that require understanding and explanation in order to be able to utilise them to your advantage.

So, I thought I could explain some of the terms of gym life and hopefully this can help those perhaps unsure of some of the workouts I post!

Reps – a single motion or movement makes up a rep for example one bicep curl is one rep.
Sets – a collection of reps makes a set, there can be any number of reps in a single set.
Negative motion – A quick motion on the way up, and a slow release, generally a negative rep will be the opposite to what is normally done. For example instead of dropping your chin up quickly, you hold and slowly lower yourself, working the muscle on the way down.
NosI do these occasionally and basically they are 4 sets of 8 reps increasing the weight each time with 30sec rest between sets. The final set however is made up of 4 sets of 8 back to back, reducing the weight each time.
drop set – A drop set is either a standard single drop or double drop. It consists of a number of reps, before dropping the weight and immediately starting onto more reps with the lower weight. for example so squats doing 10 reps at your heavy weight and dropping the weight and doing 10 more. Typically these are done at the end of your workout or particular exercise.
Superset– I do these a lot, and they mean two different exercises performed back to back without a break in between. Perfect for fatiguing the muscles.
’21’Known as a number of other names, but it consists of 7 reps at the bottom half of a motion, 7 at the top half and then full motions/reps.
Pyramid set – This consists of doing number of sets, increasing the weight after each set to your max (at about 8reps) before going backwards and decreasing your weight over a number of sets to your starting weight.
Till failure – Often this is done at the end of your workout or exercise. The aim is to pick a weight and complete the reps until no more can be completed, a good aim is to meet this at around 20 reps.

I hope some of these definitions help! Feel free to comment any definitions you are not sure about, or add to the above definitions πŸ™‚


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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