Hot Choccy

Well with our Winter months well and truely set in, there is nothing better than to come home to a nice steaming hot of hot chocolate. Wrapping your cold fingers around a warming mug, there isn’t a much better way to get the blood pumping back into your extremities. And as you drink down the rich chocolaty mug of goodness, it warms you from the inside out. Now the cold winters day seems a little more comforting.

hot choccy

hot choccy

All of this comes from a good hot chocolate, and this is exactly what I got from the ‘hot choccy‘ hot chocolate range.
I had the lucky task of testing out three of their seven choices of flavours.
The seven of choice include; caramel choc, strawberry choc, mocha choc, orange choc, white choc, dark choc and milk choc.
I chose the caramel, strawberry and orange. I thought these three are something different, and a bt of fun to test out!

Well, what did I find? Just what I had hoped for, a delicious combination of flavours from all three providing a different taste to the usual to be expected.

The drinks are not overly chocolaty, which allows the accompanying flavour to shine through.
We served ours in a steaming mug of hot milk, warmed up just using the microwave, the powder dissolves straight in, so quick and easy. Just what you wand after a long day at work!

My partners favourite was the caramel hot choc, the caramel was subtle but not overpowering or to sweet which is what you might expect from caramel. The mug was easily finished but satisfying a sweet craving if that was what you were after. Often I get to the bottom of a hot chocolate drink and tip the last part down the sink for the sweetness is overpowering.

For me, my favourite was the orange hot choccy. Just the smell of it along makes me want to down the whole lot. The addition of the orange into the chocolate mix makes for a surprising change to the original. And a good surprise at that. Choc orange isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy this combination then this drink is for you. As with the caramel neither flavour overrides each other, and the orange hot choc would certainly have me going back for more.

The hot choccy range makes their products from best ingredients, cacao, sweetened with stevia and Callebaut Fine Belgium chocolate. This combination of ingredients not only makes the products rich in flavour, but full of antioxidants, minerals and other good components that are not normally present in a standard brand hot chocolate. And with the addition of Stevia as it’s sweetener, being 200-300% sweeter then sugar, less can be included. All in all, the combination of these ingredients certainly makes it a healthier alternative.

One I will be sure to continue to enjoy, Guilt free!

Tonight I whipped up a quick dessert using the Hot Choccy range.
This was so quick and easy to make, I put it together while I waited for dinner to cook!
I used the caramel hot choccy but you could use any you please!

hot choccy mouse dessert - my cream look  a little special as my piping back broke!

hot choccy mouse dessert – my cream look a little special as my piping back broke!

You will need:
1c of thickened cream – whipped
1-2tbsp of hot choccy powder
1/3c cashews chopped
1tbsp unsalted butter
1tbsp honey
1 large white choc macadamia biscuit, or other alternative-crumbed
First, blitz your biscuit into a crumb and set aside.
preheat your oven to 180, and melt your honey and butter together, toss your chopped cashews through this and lay onto a lined baking tray and place in oven – cook till golden brown
Whip your cream till just creamy, don’t over whip, then add in your hot Choccy powder and whip till just incorporated.
For the assembly, place your crumb in the bottom of a glass first – stemless wine glasses work well. add some of your cashews and then pipe your cream mix on top. top with your remaining cashews – or grate some Choc over top!

enjoy! So quick and simple.
there is more than one way to enjoy hot chocolate!


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  1. Jo says:

    Choccy orange hot choccy for me please!!!! Thanks xxxx

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