Stop Cheating

We try to cheat on everything, it’s in our nature.

We want the fastest, easiest, lowest thought process needed to get the job done.

And can you blame us? Why would you want to spend longer on a job than necessary?

And so from copying your friends maths homework, copy and pasting other people’s words, dinner out of a can, not to mention all the appliances in our lives that speed up the processes, we have entered a world full of cheats and way around the typical protocol in a bid to complete out task.

For most of mentioned above it is okay, (not so much the plagiarism and copying of homework). But having the aid of appliances, the delegating of jobs when things are to hard or busy, and perhaps the occasional dinners that are pre made or frozen, these cheats make life easier and can help take the pressure off.

But tonight, as I finished my legs workout, I realised how easy it would be to cheat myself in my exercises. Sometimes it can be simple to just not squat all the way down, to take a middle step in your lunge rather than keeping the tension in your legs, or to make your movements quick rather than the required 4sec hold… All of these alterations, only cheat yourself.

Your trainers wont care that you haven’t worked as hard, it’s not their progress that is stunted, and you can tell yourself as much as you want that you work hard, but really you know you could have worked harder.

Lately I have been making a habit, learnt from my training partner, to write down my workout prior to doing it. Whether it be on a piece of paper or in the notes section of my phone, once its written down, I am committed to doing it.

Even more determined not to cheat myself is telling my partner (usually my dad) what the upcoming exercises are. So once I have said it, he knows that if I back down its because I think it’s to hard, or my fear that he thinks I am not strong enough to do it. I am competitive, so this works for me in order to make sure I complete my workout.

The plan to train with my dad or anyone for that mater, as I said above, sparks my inner competitiveness. This works wonders for me, in trying to push myself and work so much harder.

What do you do to avoid cheating yourself?


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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3 Responses to Stop Cheating

  1. wellbeing92 says:

    So true that it’s human nature to take shortcuts and totally agree this shouldn’t happen in our workouts or with nutrition! I try and think that soon I will be finished and reflecting on the workout and I want to know that I achieved the goals and that I didn’t let myself down! It’s funny how psychological it all is!

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