Sweet Potato Protein Bites

bites 3

Well, whilst I am dieting, I have a quota of carbs I can consume, and generally my quote can come from sweet potato, basmati rice, or pumpkin. Personally, at the moment I ma just loving rice, tossed through a combination of diced vegetable and minced meat or scrambled eggs, it has been the dinner of choice for the last week.

So when my partner did the groceries on the weekend and I told him to get sweet potato without thinking, I didn’t realise I may not have a use for it.

That was, until last night when I thought I might get onto making some yummy treats out of them!

As I was making this, into the first couple of steps from making the sweet potato and adding only the liquid ingredients the colour and consistency was just amazing, and I got thinking that I could also make a slice, or even a cheesecake with Quark out of my creation.. I think that will be the next attempt if these go down a treat!

And even better, because they make so many, 32 in fact, they are perfect for sharing! or not.. you could just hide them and eat them all yourself πŸ˜‰

bites 1

Sweet Potato Protein Bites!
yields: 32 bites!

The recipe:
400g cooked sweet potato
tsp vanilla bean paste
2 scoops of Bulk Nutrients Vanilla WPI
1/3c maple syrup
5tbsp melted coconut oil
1/4c milk of choice – I used almond
pinch salt
1c coconut flour
1/2c almond meal
optional for rolling/decorating: sesame seeds, coconut, sugar-free chocolate.

First cook you sweet potato – I cooked about 1/2 of a very large potato, diced with the skin removed and boiled it in the microwave for 8 minutes. remove from microwave and drain, allow to cool.
weigh out and transfer to a small food processor and blend to get it moving, add all your liquid ingredients and blend till smooth.
Remove from blender into a bowl and add your dry ingredients and stir in well to combine.
Now roll into desired sized balls and transfer to a plate.

You can choose your options for rolling from above, or as I did, a combination!




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2 Responses to Sweet Potato Protein Bites

  1. Megan Szolomiak says:

    YUM!!!!! Might have to bring these to posing practive on saturday πŸ˜‰

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