chest workout- how do you train?

What do you do for your workouts?

Do you copy other people’s (nothing wrong with that, that’s why I write mine down!), do the same old routine, get a program written up, plan your workout yourself and have it written down, record your weights and reps to track progress, do you train with someone or get trained and just do as your told without really thinking about how it moulds together, or perhaps you improvise depending on the weight available?

All of these are methods taken on by each and every one of us.

Sometimes your method will alternate from one to the other.


Sometimes I get trained, sometimes I train with Kieran who takes control and tells me what to do. Sometimes I train alone, and sometimes with my dad and brother. Sometimes I do just run with it depending on the available weights.

When I have a trainer, or am with Kieran they always have a plan. When I am on my own and with my brother/dad I have somewhat of a plan, but never written down. I have in my head that maybe I want to do a lot of squats or lunges this session, or incline work etc but not necessarily and workout written down. Occasionally I do, and sometimes I go back to old workouts. I often take inspiration from the methods of m trainer and Kieran as I have felt sore from these training styles.

Training styles can include high reps, slow movements, bursts of energy, fatigue sets, heavy lifting, large muscle group focuses, pumps and plenty of other combinations. I like to change it up on occasion to ensure I continue to shock my body into working hard.

I find that sometimes it is nice to have a trainer or be trained, to just go to the gym sometimes and be passed the weights and do as I am told. Then at the same time, it is equally nice to zone out, or to take control, as I do in the workouts with my dad and brother. I find training with my dad particularly beneficial as we can lift near the same weight therefore I can see what he is doing as achievable rather than impossible. Having a training partner slightly better or stronger than you can work well to help you continue to push yourself to meet their ability.


dad dumbbell bench press - video on my instagram

dad dumbbell bench press – video on my instagram

My chest workout today?

incline bench press – 1 rep = 3 half pumps with one full pump.
Complete 5 of the above reps followed by 10 full single reps – repeat 4-5 times

incline bench press – 12 full reps on max weight once.

flat bench press with flat dumbbell bench press. – for the bench press barbel complete 5 sets of 15,12,10,8. for the flat dumbbell bench press complete (with each rep between the barbel press hence superset) 5 sets of 10,10,10,12,15 reps.

Incline dumbbell fly with across body raises – complete 4 sets of 10 fly, with 20 raises (10 each arm)

workout complete!


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