Byron Bay Cookies Review

Byron Bay Hamper

Byron Bay Hamper

Delicious Byron Bay Cookies

Delicious Byron Bay Cookies

A review of some of my favourites and those that stand out:

Chai – The perfect combination of cinnamon, ginger, cloves and spice that make up the chai spice mixture. A soft crumbly texture the biscuits breaks away into your mouth to be dissolved by your thankful taste buds.

Anzac biscuit – A friendly reminder of the favorite loved by all, the crisp biscuit packs a punch of all the flavour and texture you have grown to expect from the home favorite, a sweet maple flavour through a whole wheat flour oat biscuit. With a combination of ingredients such as these it’s not surprising one of these is enough to fill the whole in your tummy.

Smarties Cookie – At first glance, just what you expect a cookie topped with smarties, very appealing to your inner child. The cookies texture sits between soft and crunchy which is perfect for the firmness added by the chocolate bits and smarties. The overall sweetness of the biscuit is surprisingly low. With the biscuit itself not being overly sweet but the chocolate added to provide the extra sweetness is by no means overpowering. Overall the balance of texture and flavour hits the mark.

White Chocolate Macadamia – The well-known favourite, the combination that seems to be a hit with everyone, and it does not fail to disappoint when produced by BBCC. The distribution and amount of white choc and macadamia chucks throughout, ensure you still get a crumbly biscuit in-between and not overpowered by the sweetness of the white chocolate. Firm enough to not be to hard but soft enough though not at risk of crumbling away.

Other biscuit options include: sticky date and ginger, double choc fudge, muesli cookie. all equally delicious.

High Fibre pasta – A large shaped spiral pasta is initially what catches your eye to indicate perhaps its different to the normal stuff, but really? no difference at all, the texture, ability to grab the sauce you pour over your pasta are all the same as what you have come to expect from quality pasta. Verdict? A great option that provides more nutrition to the standard on the shelves.

Other options of the pasta include low-calorie, high protein and cholesterol lowering.

Vetta High Fibre Pasta being used in a yummy cream mushroom pasta!

Vetta High Fibre Pasta being used in a yummy cream mushroom pasta!

Overall the outcome of the Byron Bays ability to product home style cookies, of a generous size, mean you get your monies worth and certainly aren’t disappointed in the provided product. The pastas are a perfect replica of the standard pasta we have come to know, which when a healthier alternative, this is a great option.

All in all, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to review such a product and the outcome will be that I now have an urge to fill my cupboard at all times with their different verities to suit my taste buds.


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