INBA cancelled

Prompt: Think about an event you’ve attended or planned to and loved. Imagine you have been told it will be cancelled forever and not to continue. Capture the feelings you have about this.

My event: the INBA Nationals held in Brisbane later this year.

So, in the lead up to the INBA Nationals, and any other Fitness/body building competition for that matter, you spend weeks, and months sometimes years in the lead up to said event. Why? because for some it takes this long to build their muscle, reach optimal health and to be confident they are stepping up on stage as the best version of themselves for what the competition requires. This best version, does not just happen overnight it takes time, patients, preparation and guidance.

You can imagine, therefore that if this event got cancelled for me, I would be devastated. As anyone would that is preparing for such an event.

But to get into this a little deeper, not only would I be devastated, but it would have seen me alter my lifestyle for the last 12 or so months in the lead up to said goal.
I would have given up social events to ensure I met my nutritional needs and sleep requirements.
I would have consulted my nutritionist and trainer, not to mention bathroom scales on a weekly basis to ensure I stayed on track.
Pushed myself through every workout to ensure I got the maximum gains and don’t lose my muscle mass. Not to mention the time, money and stress that I put on myself and my partner and those around me.

Now, I can’t deny that this wouldn’t be a waste of time. Even if this did happen and I couldn’t compete, I would have built friendships, learnt more about myself than I would have thought possible, as well as developed an understanding of my body and its ability to process food that is of nutritional worth.

I get excited for the lead up of competitions, and I can not wait until this one comes around, at 16 weeks out it can seem like a long time until I hit the stage. So far the road looks smooth with nothing standing in my way, but (touch wood) anything can happen.
Continue following my journey, and don’t worry, the INBA nationals, aren’t really cancelled



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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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