Clean Caramel Cake Balls

clean chocolate caramel treat balls

clean chocolate caramel cake balls

I had some leftovers from the dip that I was given from my friend that is a clean treat dip, used best for things such as dipping strawberries and other fruits into, spreading onto a sweet biscuit for a sweet but Guilt free treat in the afternoon, or as I did previously a filling for chocolate cups, which turned out a treat!
Today, I decided to use up the remainder, how? I made them into treat balls of course!

The verdict? A ‘cake/cookie’ dough consistency and reminder when bitten into and a hit of choc from the cocoa with th natural sweetness and clean carmel from the dip itself. – well so i am told, as I didn’t taste these. Now in competition prep, I have 9 more days to go till a treat meal, so i have frozen myself one to taste test in 9 days time. I will give you my personal verdict then, for now, Sean was my taste tester.

 The recipe?

Approx. 1cup of the caramel dip mixture
Approx. 1cup rolled oats
3tbsp almond or alternative milk
1/2c coconut flour
1tbsp cocoa powder

Stir to combine, and add additional liquid if required if a touch dry. Roll into balls and store in the fridge

Optional: Addition of crushed nuts for texture, roll through coconut or alternative.

chocolate caramel cake balls close up

chocolate caramel cake balls close up



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6 Responses to Clean Caramel Cake Balls

  1. Joanne Draper says:

    Hi. Have followed blog but couldn’t find competition post, but this recipe looks awesome, so I left you a little note here instead xxx

    • nfrain says:

      Hi Joanne, completion posts are under ‘competition’ if it’s in regards to the recent BBCC I haven’t put it up yet, that’s fine just comment on the FB post that you have done it and your entry will be counted! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you like my blog/recipe! Appreciate the comments 😘 x

  2. Donna says:

    Does one of these equal a serving?

  3. Caitie says:

    What was the receipt for the caramel dip mix? I clicked on the link but wasn’t too sure..

    • nfrain says:

      Hi caitie, the recipe is in the photo caption. It’s not listed specifically as it isn’t my recipe but it’s within that. I hope that helps x

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