Treat Balls

treat balls

treat balls

Today, was a very busy day indeed!
I went and got a massage, something I feel was well needed after all the training I have been doing, I took a day off from training, something we must all do and I went to the farmers market with my parents, which was very enjoyable and checkout out the local James Boags factory – sometimes its funny how we fail to go to such places when they are in our own backyard.

After that I went out to my work friends house and we decided to get our hand dirty on some home cooking, clean and naughty!

Recently Ebony has subscribed to sell Your Inspirations at Home (YIAH) spice range!
Introduced to these at the annual Tasmanian Agfest Market, Ebony went on to host a home party, then sign on to selling the product herself!
You can visit and learn more on the product by visiting her website

Your Inspirations at Home

Your Inspirations at Home

The range offers not just the chocolate powders that we used today but teas, single spices, spice mixes, oils, soup spice mixes, dip spice mixes and a range more!

Her parties allow you to try first hand a combination of the range on offer! If you are local to the Launceston Tasmania area she would be more than happy to host a party with you!


onto the creations that we put together today!

from the back to front: Peanut Butter, rocky road, Jaffa, Chilli choc

from the back to front: Peanut Butter, rocky road, Jaffa, Chilli choc

Treat balls and the chocolate spice mixes

Treat balls and the chocolate spice mixes

Photos: courtesy of Ebony O’Connor of Caught A Glimpse Photography


The Recipes are as follows:

Note: sometimes measurements alter such as the size of dates, adjust the wetness if required my adding more almond meal/oatmeal or almond milk.

Note: other milks can be used




Note: You can also add PB2 to the Peanut Butter balls as well!

Try adding orange zest to the Jaffa for an extra kick!




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