My Day – In a letter

Dear Reader,

Today I got out of bed, a little later than normal due to the fact that I am going to train after work today instead of in the morning, because dad wants to train legs with me. I could say it’s annoying, but I do enjoy training with him as he is very motivated in our workouts to push himself – I think this is where I get it from. What is annoying about it though is that it increasingly throws out my normal routine. However I do think I will also do this more often coming into winter by choice, I am not going to be able to mentally deal with frosts on my car at 5:30am.. I hate the cold.

I have been finding lately that when I sleep that bit longer I am dead tired in the morning! My eyes feel heavy and even people at work commented today that I look tired! I will have to make sure I get to bed a bit earlier form now on, even if I’m sleeping a bit later. Make sure I stop playing on my iPhone or iPad earlier and stop watching Damages. It’s hard though I have really gotten into that TV show! It’s an extremely twisted plot based in a NY law Firm, it really keeps us (Sean and I) guessing!

Anyway, normal day at work, super freezing and the garage door got left up as I was about to leave, this used to be my fault, but now Sean has kicked me out of the garage he was the one to leave it open! I let him know J.
Driving to work was a little embarrassing, since selling my car I am borrowing one of my parents’ car, my younger sisters old first car. While she had it she may not have taken the best care of it, she did at one point reverse it into something and smashed in the back tail light. So as a result as I drove to work this morning it feel out as I went over a speed hump.. still attached though, by the wires, and still works! I have since taped it back in place, not sure how that will hold though. So really I am not overly proud of my downgrade. But it’s all with good intent and purpose, I know it will be worth it when Sean and I move to the UK! Do you have any must do’s for us in the UK? I need some ideas and insider information J

Now that’s something I have been thinking about on a daily basis, the move to the UK! I cannot wait until that move, it will be so exciting! So much to plan though and slowly things will start to fall into place. I wish it would happen sooner but also, so much is scheduled before then; my comp, Christmas, NY, Bali trip, friend’s wedding, Sean’s brother’s wedding. Such a busy year.

Kate put me through a PT last night, we did arms, it was so hard! I have put the workout up on my blog and a small video on my Instagram though if you want to check it out! It was great having her train me for something different and challenging though. My arms are in a bit of pain today that’s for sure! Have you ever done a PT?

Anyway Dad and I will do legs shortly, focus on quads though as dad hurt his hamstring on the weekend. I will put the workout up later if you want to try it too! Then I think I might make a mushroom risotto for Sean’s dinner, haven’t made that in ages! I’m starting to eat different to Sean again now that its back into comp preparation! I don’t mind though, so worth it in the end.

So that’s my generally day and a few thoughts for you.
Best get organised to go meet dad, can’t wait to put him through this!

Talk soon



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4 Responses to My Day – In a letter

  1. wellbeing92 says:

    Sounds good 🙂 hope you enjoyed training with your Dad! I have just started PT, had my third session today and it’s the best!!!! So motivating 🙂

    • nfrain says:

      Yes we had a killer session my quads and glutes are in pain today! 👌 the workout is on the next post if your interested! PTs are great for motivation, sometimes it’s nice not to think what you need to do and just do as your told! 👍 x

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