Arm Workout – Today’s PT

I had a PT session with my trainer Kate from ProTraining this morning. Not once did I think she would go easy on me, that it would be pain-free and pleasant.
And she lived up to her expectations.
I work at a desk job, doing a lot of typing and writing all day, you may not think much goes into those movements, but when your arms are fatigued and growing in pain, all of a sudden you notice how much they work to do such small tasks.
Its 12 noon now, I did my sessions with Kate starting at 6am. They already ache!

Want to put yourself through as much pain?


  1. Close grip triceps press superset with triceps dips (on a bench) – do 4 sets. for the press; 12 reps, but count to 4 on the downward motion before pushing up quick. for the dips – aim for 12.
  2. Skull crushes with barbels superset with skull crushes with dumbbells – do 4 sets. Again focus on 4 secs slow on the downward motion and push out. aim for 12 of each. – notes: ensure you fully extend and your elbows stay in
  3. Cable overhead bar extensions superset with cable bar bicep curls – do 4 sets – aim for about 20 triceps extensions. aim for 12 bicep curls, this time quick up and squeeze, lower over a 6 second time frame.
  4. Seated dumbbell bicep curls (arms face out) superset with seated hammer curls – do 4 sets – aim for 12 of each. ensure you lower over a 4 second time period.

Notes: Sitting in bicep work help to prevent you using your back and legs to bounce the weight up when it gets hard, it creates isolation! (Kate informed me of this morning and it makes perfect sense!)
Changing up your workout, such as the above workout focusing of the slow movement and tension in the muscle will shock it, you should be sore and helps create growth! Don’t get stuck in a rut! πŸ™‚


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