Todays Prompt: A Right to Brag.

Todays Prompt: A Right to Brag.
Tell us about something you (or a person close to you) have done recently (or not so recently) that has made you really, unabashedly proud.

Finally, the above prompt gives me the right to brag about something I have done that I am proud of.
For once, it is telling me top pour my heart out to others about how I felt and what it meant to me, and finally what it actually was.

To often we refrain from telling anyone that we are proud of ourselves, we can’t even accept a compliment without feeling as though it is agreeing and therefore being arrogant about said comment.
In my opinion, we shouldn’t be like that. We should learn to be proud and stand tall of our achievements, whether they come easy or took hard work, they are something to be proud of none the less. Not everyone can do them and it can take skill, perseverance, time, dedication, commitment and sacrifice to meet these. So let people tell you have done well, a good job and its fantastic, and tell people you agree and that you deserve what you worked so hard to get.

My achievement?
As a collective I feel it is my dedication to my passion – through competing in my first fitness competition and winning, helping others with their upcoming competition, being published in Oxygen Magazine, becoming sponsored by ProTraining and BulkNutrients., and increasing my following on my Cleantreats Facebook page to over 15,000. Finally starting my blogging is also something I have been proud of and find a lot of fun to do.
All of these combine to be a collective I am proud to have achieved, and one would not happen without the other.

The feeling of achievement is one you wan to cherish, and remember forever. Sometimes achievement of something you want can seem so far away and in its own way seem impossible. Remembering the times you have made it, and what it took to get there will keep you on track, and know it is possible you just have to put your mind to it and concentrate.

I have felt as though I have not only made myself proud, but my family and partner too. My parents talk about me to others, telling them of what I have done, which can only mean they want to show off my achievements. My partner, I can remember the hug he gave me after I won my comp last year, he was proud of me, and knew all the work I had put in was worth it. I loved this feeling.

Many people might also think that to have an achievement you are proud of, is that you need to be the best, win or be noticed. This is not the case at all. A personal best in a running race can be your achievement, and that can represent the progress you have made. You may not be the quickest, but its the quickest you have every been. For me I had this same feeling when I did a PB in the gym, it was the best feeling in the world, and I felt my hard work paying off. It urged me to try harder and commit to my goals.

The sport I compete in, there is only one winner, but that’s not to say the person that comes last didn’t work just as hard as the winner, they may have worked harder to get where they did, but unfortunately isn’t the winning material just yet.

Don’t downplay Peoples achievements, for them they are a big deal, and it’s what people need to better themselves.

We all start somewhere.




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