Early mornings, the drag

ah early mornings… (sigh)

Sometimes I find myself bounding out of bed, eager to tackles the days challenges. Other days, its like I am forcing myself to walk over hot coal with the lack of enthusiasm I posses.

This morning, it’s a Friday, and if you can’t have energy for a Friday, then I think I’m afraid to say you may need to change your lifestyle drastically as perhaps nothing in it excites you.

This morning is a different morning of sorts, I don’t usually start my day with an Annual meeting for work, at :15am, before the sun has risen. But that s what is on the agenda, and I RSVP’ed yes, so best not sleep in. Generally getting up for something different, say a day trip to Hobart, a morning breakfast or catching a flight, I find those easy. Something out of the ordinary provides some amusement and worth.

If the routine early mornings that are hard. And even as I set my alarm every night for the following morning, knowing I will be tired, I continue to torture myself with one more episode of whatever TV show I am interested in, fully away it is on DVD, I can watch it at any time.

So as my standard 5:30am alarm goes off each morning I curse it, and my continued mistakes of staying up to late and pull myself away from the warm soft blankets that always seem more appealing once I need to get up.

Getting up is the hard bit, once that it done I can’t say I have a functional issue with these early mornings. But I know many that do, dragging their feet and requiring twice as long to perform basic motor movements then those of us who are considered ‘morning people’.

There are others arriving for the breakfast now, I best go join them. 7:13am… I wonder what the quality of conversation will be like


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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