101: Post on what you see – An Observation of a Gym Workout

Prompt: Get details – Leave no nuance behind.

As I enter the gym, or as some people like to name it, health and fitness centre, which will be my home for the next hour I am engulfed in a world unlike the one I dwell in for the vast majority of my day.


There aren’t carpeted floors here, comfortable office lounges and a lingering coffee aroma from the daily grind of beans from the office corner machine. Instead it is cold floors, worn cushions bench seats, metal bars where the paint has flaked off and a cool flow of air from the constant fans soon to be switched off by my persistent training partner. The obvious smell of sweat overrides any form of air freshener. The perfect combination of stimulants for a teeth grinding, painstaking sweat session. I am eager to begin.


As we enter the weights section of the gym, my eyes wander the room, considering what piece of equipment will be my first challenge to overcome. I lag behind, keen to allow my partner to take lead and boss me into a gruelling workout. I know I will thank him later.


I take a sip of my drink before placing it down, urging it to provide me with a final hit of energy, I know my muscles will require.


The weights area is high ceilings, walls covered in mirrors, equipment packed in, making the most of the limited space and the large number of different contraptions provided for workout use. There is a steady stream of gym goers in and out, leaving their daily jobs behind to reap the benefits of an increased heart rate.


The mirrors provide excellent use, stretching the length of the wall behind the dumbbell weights. Immediately the thought of purpose would be to ensure your posture whilst working out is right, to aid in the mind/muscle connection. But before long my eyes are attracted to a young male, prepping for an upcoming bodybuilding comp, busting out some poses into the mirror. I am not even shocked, I too should have the confidence to do this considering my requirements on stage, what’s stopping me though? Perhaps its fear of being judged, I am after all a guest in this area.

He appears to know many of the fellow faces, perhaps making him at ease with his display of muscle and self-assurance. I can’t deny he looks good, a potential force to be reckoned with if he maintains his conditioning. A big chest, and the definition of muscle already obvious, a slim waist with a defined six-pack, only to become more cut and shredded as time dwindles by, his shoulders upon glance are his best asset large and rounded provided a great ‘V’ of an upper body. His legs are covered, it is winter after all.. but I didn’t want to stare..


It’s my turn for the first exercise, dumbbell shoulder press, and in true good form my training partner has my weight out ready for me… he thinks I can do that?… better prove him right… I delve into it, counting backwards, flowing movement, the occasional prop up from my partner, I glance at the mirrors, my form is in check, but I avert my eyes to the ceiling, there is something odd about pulling faces at myself. My breathing increases into a rhythmic pattern, in on the downward motion, out on the up, in, out, in, out…and its over. whoo it’s hot, the jumper comes off.


Let the cycle continue again.


The time has flown by, I’m sure the clocks have been tampered with. The concentration on the session and continued flow of exercises has messed with my mind’s ability to measure time. Considering the workout just completed, I am proud and stand tall, I feel that has done me good. I feel full and well worked, my muscles are sore and fatigued, I feel like I wont fit through a doorway, the pump and blood in my muscles is great. But those mirrors get me again, and I am still just myself, yet to see the growth from the session I just conquered.

I walk out with a bounce in my step quicker then I walked in, I have been released, for another day. The sun has long set and the sky runs inky black, I breathe in the fresh air upon busting out onto the sidewalk, the wood fire smoke blended into the air I breath, Tasmania winter you are in fine form.


I take one last glance through the windows of the confinement I just exited, I will see you tomorrow, and overcome you again.


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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