Moving to the UK – Compare and Contrast – A desision making process

Currently, my partner and I are planning on making a big move, to the UK, for 1-2 years. A journey we will make together and a huge life experience.

The idea – initiated by me. And once the decision was made, only then did we realise the amount of planning to put into it, and perhaps the different views and fears of the move we both may have.

A long discussion, full of comparisons, considerations and preferences.


Considering where to live; I would love to live in London, where everything is at your doorstep, and one of the top places in the world for young people to live. I feel it would provide a world of opportunities and perhaps make finding a job easier. but it will be cold, and I don’t love the cold, and in a big city it can make it all the more worse. The cost of living is far higher than then the outer suburbs and if we venture further South it will be warmer. We have friends that live in Portsmouth and other areas that could help us. Plus there are jobs available in both Italy and Germany, imagine the cultural experience…


 I like the idea of us both working, if Sean can continue to teach over there, it will make his holidays flexible, providing us time to travel. I tend to stress, so I would prefer to have jobs organised before we make the move. I know that may not be what happens in the end but fingers crossed. I would like to continue my work in the insurance industry to continue my knowledge and experience, learning this in another country would be very interesting. but, Sean has thought that perhaps trying out a new profession whilst away would be fun, after all he has taught for a number of years. Then we need to consider what might happen if one gets a job elsewhere, one must be the one to follow. Preferably we would go with the higher paid job and the other will just have to slot in. Some decisions can not be made just yet. Frustrating.


What to do with the house in Australia; There are two options really, rent or sell. My preference? Rent it out! More than likely we are not going to be coming home with ample money saved up for a new house deposit, and I’m more than certain my partners parents and mine don’t want us bunking with them for to long (as nice as it is, we all value our own space). but, we need to consider how much rent we can get if we can fill it, we need to cover the minimum mortgage repayments so we aren’t going backwards. We also need to fill it, and do we go through an agent or hopefully find a trustworthy friend? Plus considering the storage of our furniture, to good to leave in the house for others to use. but on the other hand, selling it takes away all of the above worries.


Travel at the start or finish? Personally, I’m considering the end. I don’t want to start my living experience elsewhere broke. I also think that it will give us some time to get a feel for the place, learn info from the locals and see the places slowly and in our own time rather than rush them and feel as though it’s been done and no point going back. But, what an exciting way to start a new adventure with a holiday. It will get the urge to travel out of our system for a while when we need to settle down and start working. It will give us a taste for places we might want to go back to. What if something happens and we need to come home earlier then planned, and therefore miss our opportunity to travel the area?


These are just SOME of the considerations! not to mention, leaving behind my puppy with my parents, potentially not being able to cook home meals like I am used to, most likely entering into share housing which I have never done and having to pack everything into one suit case will be quiet an effort.

But an exciting time ahead that’s for sure, and I’m sure the decision-making negotiation in my head and with my partner will continue, even once we are there!



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