A Character Study

I manage my own Facebook page, as many of you may know, names Clean Treats. Naturally I get many enquiries, many emails, messages and comments on my page.

Some, the correspondence is short and sweet. Others a little more discussion is required.

I don’t often share much about myself through the page, generally it is focused around my Clean Treats and creation, but occasionally I will post a photo or link my blog to the page so people have the option to find a little more about me. I once found it very amusing when an ex of mine contacted me on the page, completely unaware it was me, until I had to reveal myself!

But what do people think?

Do people think I am young or old, I wonder what people think I do for a job? Or perhaps they think that is my job. I could be a stay at home mum, a wife, or live at home. Tall or short, but I think most would expect me to look after myself physically and eat a majority clean diet. Can you tell my star sign? Do they know if I love to lift weights, go running or am I into Yoga and green smoothies? Am I blonde, brunette or red? What’s my favorite colour? Do I enjoy reading the paper, knitting or into fashion? Am I a cat or dog lover? Where do I want to live or go with my life? Do I want to travel or am I content where I am? Perhaps I love winter for the cosy knits, wood fires and hot chocolates, or I despise winter and long for the long summer days, bikinis and a tan? Am I a home body or do I love to socialize and get out amongst society. Am I a family girl, perhaps people have been unsure of my sex, or am I living away from them and unable to see them as much as I would like? Perhaps I have had a huge lifestyle change, am trying to discover myself, or this has been my passion all along?

Really, I could be whoever I want to be over the world of social media. No one to answer to, I can write my own story and no one would know. Its like living the world you desperately wish was yours.


I’m young, 21, and my life is just beginning. I’m a financial planner, and do my healthy CleatTreats on the side. I have a partner and live in his house. I’m of average height, and right now live a 80%-20% healthy to treat diet. I train daily, and my choice is weights with no cardio as I aim to build muscle for my next comp. I’m a blond, Virgo, blue is my choice of colour and I love to read, while Witchery is my bank accounts worst nightmare. I love my dog Ellie, but am not opposed to cats. I am desperate to travel and see new culture and foods, we are planning to move to Europe next year. I feel the cold, summer is my choice of season. I prefer a Saturday night in, I am a homebody. I am female, and big on family time, I often spend my weekend catching up with them, I am a twin in fact. I have always had an interest in health, fitness and clean eating, I am just expanding and perfecting that passion.


this is me

this is me

How close did you get?

Do you have a similar situation? Or perhaps you lead people to believe you are someone else?

Reasons for doing so can be fear of acceptance of who you really are, or perhaps you have a past experience that has led you to be like that.

Sometimes, a cover is nice, but don’t forget who you really are. It can be hard to live an act.


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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