Achievements to date

What we consider an achievement can vary from person to person, depending on what we have to work for push to achieve.

Some people may not count the smallest things an achievement. For some baking a cake is second nature, for others they have never made one or managed a successful attempt, so to them this feels like a huge achievement and worth noting.

Today, I made my first achievement which to many may not feel substantial, to others it may seem insane. I managed a Personal Best on the Leg Press! A personal best is a fantastic achievement, because it is one that is open-ended for improvement and there is continued room for growth and to continue to achieve. This allows for continued motivation and hopefully more achievements as well!

My PB today, was 333kg leg press for 6 reps! The machine itself weighs 53kgs, which is included in my total as it should be! You can view my attempt on my instragram!

Other achievements that I am proud of myself for include;

  • Competing in my first INBA fitness competition in the Hobart Classic and placing 5th.
  • Competing in the INBA state 2013 Tasmanian Titles, and winning.
  • Competing in the INBA Nationals 2013 and receiving a callout
  • Becoming sponsored by my Trainer ProTraining for 2014
  • Becoming sponsored by BulkNutrients in 2014
  • Having a poster Published in Oxygen Magazine April 2014 for Bulk Nutrients
  • Gaining a FB following on my CleantTreats page of over 14K
  • Completing my Diploma of FinancialServices
  • Having the courage to consider moving to another country with my partner to experience new cultures.
  • Not going to UNI and still considering myself successful in a career – for me this is proving that you do not need to go to UNI to develop yourself if you are driven enough
  • Teaching myself to cook
  • Winning a competition for my cooking through Mayvers

So to some, the achievements may seem silly, to me, the achievements are great and something I can be proud off and I will want to share with my kids.

It’s important to be proud of yourself and want to strive to do better in any way that seems beneficial to you. What is important to you, is all that matter. Sometimes, it’s not important what other people think.

It will make you happy to do what you love and succeed at it. If you are happy with what you do, you will put in the extra mile to get there!


About nfrain

A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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