Posing – First Session

Posing, one of the most important aspects in getting ready for your on stage appearance.

There is no point putting all that work into your body, if you can’t show it off!

Because as silly as you might think it feels, it looks good, and everyone else on stage is up there doing it too. So in the end you are all up there doing the same thing. But what you really want, is to look better then everyone else up there!

The girls getting ready for their first comp in September, had their first posing session today!

the girls first posing session

the girls first posing session

Your first posing session can be a daunting experience. You feel out of place and the movements of your body don’t feel quiet natural your movements may also be a little stiff and your transitions to each movement a little clumsy. But slowly, with practice these movements will start to come more natural, fluent and pretty.

The girls may also find themselves rather sore after this first session! I know I did! and for the next few after that, especially in the lower back, and cramping will be a normal occurrence. I know I was sore for a while! Some girls may find they require more flexibility, which will develop over time.

We as a group will try and meet on a fortnightly basis leading up to the competition, practicing individual walks, quarter turns and poses. The whole package must be worked on and perfected!

Finally, a smile is a must! You don’t want to look like you aren’t having fun! Being a fitness model has two components, fitness – being fit and looking fit and healthy, and being a model – your hair, makeup, nails and being able to present that through the model walk and routine is what is required.

So, I’m sure you can understand that with no experience in the industry or similar, practice is a must, even those experienced still practice! Its about knowing your body, flexing and knowing any points of your body that may not be up to scratch, the way you pose can help hide that from the judges eye!

I look forward to helping to coach the girls in the lead up to their show in September!


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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