Legs Workout

Today was a legs, day, and I have only just recovered from my previous  legs workout but that’s okay! Nothing like a bit of pain!

I like to do legs twice a week, and Tuesday I focused on my hamstrings, so today was a bit more quad work.

I had an awesome session, really got the heart rate up and pushed myself. I made a PB on the leg press at 250kgs for 8 reps at the start of my drop set. I am very happy with this! I love seeing improvement.

My dad and brother joined me for this session and I think they worked just as hard!

So, if you want to be sore as well, work hard and get a sweat up, try the workout below! –


superset – leg extensions with laying hamstring curls. 3 sets- leg extensions do 10 normal, 10 toes in, 10 toes out, 5 normal. Hamstring curls – 10 reps up on your hands.

superset – leg extensions with laying hamstring curls. 2 sets – leg extensions 30 reps (hold on every 10). hamstring curls – 10 reps

Superset – reverse lunges (bar bell) with thrusters – 4 sets; reverse lunges 10reps each leg (20), thrusters 12reps

triple set – leg press with 1 1/4 squats and Bulgarian lunges. (Ouch)! – 3 sets, leg press 10 reps, squats (heels up slightly) 10 reps, Bulgarian lunges 10 reps each leg.

leg press – 1 triple drop set – aim for 10 reps each drop.



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