A Day Off – What do you do with yourself?

A quote I heard today, thought it was appropriate - author unknown

A quote I heard today, thought it was appropriate – author unknown

We, and I to am guilty off it, can often become dependant on our gym sessions and equivalent training.

A day off to us, seems crazy.

What will you do with your morning if it isn’t filled with the mental stimulant of the weights room and cardio machines?

But, and I know it seems crazy, a day off can benefit you! mentally and physically.

For  many of us, a day off can feel as though we are going to lose the gains that we have made. But, really the days off, when we rest, are actually when you can get the biggest gains of all! I know its crazy, and I have taken a long time to accept this information.

During a day off, you muscles get the ability to heal and recuperate. The same happens where you sleep, the concept of a childs growth happens the most when they sleep, and therefore they require more sleep then a grown adult. But when you are trying to grow your muscles, the same concept will apply!

So I know it can be crazy, but a whole 24hr period can be a time to take your me time, and repay your body for the hard work it has been doing for you.

I know for me I can find it mentally hard not to be in the gym, I used to go twice a day, every day, sometimes I would even do a third session. And you know what happened? I never lost weight! Instead  I found it harder to get soreness so it feels as though I am working hard enough, which would result in the additional sessions. My motivation would falter at times, as I wasn’t seeing these results. Finally without my knowledge this plays havoc on your hormones and placed a huge stress on my body, increased cortisol due to the stress my body was under to meet these high demands, and increased bought of sickness like the flu as my immune system also faltered. Doesn’t sound healthy does it?

To get competition ready, I was told to train once a day, with a whole day dedicated to rest. I couldn’t imagine it and thought my trainer crazy. But, I saw the quickest results I could have hoped for.

For me, this was example enough. What more did I need to see if not my own example?

Now, I use my rest day to thank myself for my work, a reward and time to recuperate. I will spend time with my loved ones, do what I want to do, even if that watching my favorite movie, I will often reduce my carb intake in my standard meals on a rest day but often make my dinner my cheat meal so I don’t feel as though I’m missing out. I will get a message, do my nails and the girly things that make me feel good.

After all, feeling good inside and outside is equally as important.


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A passion for a healthy life, body and mind. A discussion of my experiences and thoughts with some tips and tricks along the way.
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